12 Volt Rv Refrigerator Fan

Are you planning a road trip or camping journey and looking for a reliable fridge to keep your food fresh and chilly? Look no more, since a 12v fridge is specifically what you require! This kind of refrigerator runs off your car’s battery, making it best for outdoor experiences and long trip. Yet with a lot of alternatives offered, just how do you know which 12v refrigerator is the appropriate one for you? In this post, we will assist you with the process of picking the perfect 12v fridge for your next experience.

12 Volt Rv Refrigerator Fan – Full Testimonial And Also Buying Overview

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Beech Lane 12V Refrigerator Evaporator Fin Fan, Patent Pending, Three Fans Maximize Airflow, Attaches to Evaporator Fins, Prevents Ice Buildup, Wired Connection for Constant Power

$34.99  in stock
as of April 15, 2024 6:11 pm


  • LIFETIME WARRANTY AND USA BASED CUSTOMER SERVICE - If the fan ever stops working properly or is damaged, it is covered by a lifetime manufacturer warranty unlike competitor versions. Our USA based customer service is here for our customers!
  • THREE 2.5" 12V POWERED FANS CREATE COLD AIR AND PREVENT ICE BUILDUP - Beech Lane's fin fan utilizes three 2.5" fans compared to competitor's two fans to produce maximum airflow over the evaporator fins.
  • ALLIGATOR CLIPS ATTACH DIRECLTY TO EVAPORATOR FINS - Simply use the four alligator clips to attach the fan to the evaporator fins. This airflow creates tons of cold air and prevents ice building up on the fins.
  • CONNECTS TO 12V WIRES INSIDE OR BEHIND YOUR FRIDGE - The fan can either be installed to the fridge light's wiring, or through the back of the fridge to the 12V power supply. Wire nuts are included.
  • DESIGNED IN USA DURABLE, SLEEK, AND COMPACT CONSTRUCTION - The fan was designed to be very low profile when attached to the fins and keep all wires hidden to prevent damage.
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Beech Lane 12V RV Fridge Ventilation Cooling Fan 5.5" (140mm), Custom Mounts For American RV Side Vents, Adjustable Temperature Settings, High-Tech Remote With Manual/Auto Modes, Waterproof

$79.99  in stock
as of April 15, 2024 6:11 pm


  • WATERPROOF HIGH POWER 12V DUAL 5.5" (140mm) ADJUSTABLE VENT FAN IMPROVES COOLING BEHIND FRIDGE - The Beech Lane vent fan features two large 5.5" fans powered by your 12V connection to maximize airflow behind your fridge to increase fridge efficiency and cooling. Smaller fans such as competitor 3.5" (90mm) fans fail to do the job. It works great to clear out the high heat during RV season. **The fans are about 1-1.5" thick - make sure there is enough room for the fans to fit on your vent**
  • RE-ENGINEERED STURDY MOUNTING BRACKETS FIT FIT AMERICAN RV VENTS - Unlike other vent fans that only fit European RVs and require zip ties to install, the Beech Lane vent fan has custom mounting brackets for easy installation on American RVs. **The fans are about 1-1.5" thick - make sure there is enough room for the fans to fit on your vent**
  • CUSTOM USER-FRIENDLY REMOTE TO CONTROL MANUAL AND AUTO MODES - The vent fan comes equipped with a custom remote giving you full control to choose between a manual and an auto, temperature sensing mode.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE AUTO MODE FOR EASY USE - The included temperature probe allows you to pick a temperature that when reached the fan will automatically turn on, gradually increasing speed as the temperature rises above your set temperature.
  • LIFETIME MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - If the vent fan ever fails or is damaged, it is covered by a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Magula 12V Rv Refrigerator Fan,Prevents Fins from Icing to Lowering The Temperature Inside The Refrigerator and Keep Food Fresh,Quiet RV Fridge Fan,RV Fridge Ventilation Cooling Fan

$29.99  in stock
as of April 15, 2024 6:11 pm


  • 【POWERFUL WIND】Rv fridge fan is equipped with three 2.5 inch fans,the refrigerator fan is clamped on the fins to prevent the fins from icing up and to drive the circulation of cold air inside the refrigerator.Rv refrigerator fan can lower the temperature of your refrigerator,making it easier to preserve food.
  • 【FLEXIBLE POWER SUPPLY】If you are wiring to the fridge light,you must wire rv refrigerator fan to the hot side of the light,meaning the side providing constant power.Otherwise,the rv fridge fan will turn on and off with the opening and closing of the fridge door.Different refrigerators may be connected differently.so if you are having trouble figuring out how to wire fan to the fridge light,you may be better off wiring the rv ventilation Fan to the constant power supply behind the refrigerator.
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】Rv refrigerator fan has four alligator clips on it.alligator clips for easy installation,zero tools to fix the evaporator,just clip on the evaporator fins to securely fasten the rv ventilation Fan.
  • 【SPACE SAVING】Compact rv fridge ventilation cooling fan,hidden wires,rv refrigerator fan can be easily put into the refrigerator, and will not encroach on the space for food and drinks.
  • 【24/7 online】We promise to reply within 24 hours after receiving your after-sales demand,and we will provide free replacement or repair service for quality problems.If you encounter any problems in the use,welcome to contact our customer service staff in time,we will be happy to help you solve your problems.

Uueego 12V RV Refrigerator Evaporator Fan,with Three 2.5" 12V Powered Fans, Attached to Refrigerator's Interior Cooling Fins, Create Cold Air and Prevent Ice

$31.45  in stock
as of April 15, 2024 6:11 pm


  • Keep Your RV Fridge Stay Cold and Prevent Ice Buildup. Uueego 12V RV refrigerator evaporator fan has three 2.5’’ 12V powered fans will create more airflow and circulate it around the fridge to maximize cooling efficiency and prevent frost build-up on the cooling fins.
  • Easy to Install. Use the included clips to attach the RV fridge cooling fan to the evaporator fins. The fan can either be installed to the fridge light's wiring, or through the back of the fridge to the 12V power supply.
  • Attach Directly To Evaporator Fins. Secure the camper fridge fan to the refrigerator’s cooling fins with four included built-in clips. Try to place the rv fridge fin fan to the right side of the refrigerator where the cooling typically begins. If your refrigerator has ice frost, place the fan as close as possible to the buildup area, the circulate air can help prevent the buildup.
  • Easy to Turn On And Off. Use the two-speed on/off toggle switch on the face of the refrigerator fan to set the fan’s run speed. Press the switch to “Ⅰ” to speed up the fan, and press the switch to “Ⅱ” to slow down.
  • High Quality and Compact Construction. Uueego camper refrigerator fans are high quality, waterproof ball bearing and are predicated to last 50,000 hours. Also the refrigerator fans for RV have a profile design and keep all wires hidden to prevent damage.
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Quick Products QP-CRRF Clip-On RV Refrigerator Fan

$28.00  in stock
5 new from $28.00
1 used from $22.07
Free shipping
as of April 15, 2024 6:11 pm


  • Circulate air throughout your RV refrigerator to maximize cooling efficiency and stop frost build-up on the cooling fins due to dormant air
  • Two-speed operation and fan power is controlled with an easy-to-use toggle switch on the front of the fan
  • Attaches directly to the refrigerator's interior cooling fins with included built-in clips
  • Wires directly to your RV's 12 Volt power for seamless operation
  • Includes instructions and all necessary mounting hardware

Beech Lane 12V RV Fridge Fan, Wired Connection Provides Constant Power, No Batteries, More Air Output Than Battery Fans, On and Off Switch, Recirculates Falling Cold Air

$24.99  in stock
as of April 15, 2024 6:11 pm


  • CONSTANT 12V POWER PROVIDES MAXIMUM AIR CIRCULATION - Opt for a more permanent install over our battery powered version and use your fridge's 12V power supply to keep this high powered fan running all of the time. No more batteries and more air output! *Wiring to 12V power supply is required*
  • MORE POWER WITHOUT THE HASSLE OF BATTERIES - The 12V connection allows for more air output and power without ever worrying about batteries. Keep your fridge as cool as possible!
  • ESSENTIAL ACCESSORY FOR ANY RV'er - RV refrigerator are notorious for having bad air circulation, causing the cold air to fall and your food to spoil. The Beech Lane refrigerator will help to circulate that cold air!
  • DURABLE, SLEEK, AND COMPACT CONSTRUCTION - RV refrigerators are small, so Beech Lane factored this in when designing this fan to be sleek and compact while providing the airflow that is needed.
  • EASY TO USE ON AND OFF SWITCH - Simply click on the fan when you want it in use, and easily turn it off when not in use to save battery life

Uueego 5.5"(140mm) 12V RV Ventilation Cooling Fan for Fridge Vent and Ventilation Grille, RV Fridge Ventilation Cooling Fan, IP65 Waterproof, Include Speed Controller

$64.69  in stock
as of April 15, 2024 6:11 pm


  • DUAL 5.5” (140mm) COOLING FANS FOR RV REFRIGERATOR VENT AND GRILL VENTILATION. The Uueego RV vent fans have dual 5.5" fans powered by your 12V connection. The larger fans can make more airflow behind your fridge to get the fridge to cool down quickly and stay cool. For your side vent, you can reverse the fan’s airflow to pull air into the RV. The fans are about 1.1-1.5" thick, ensure the spacing is enough for you to install the fans on your vent.
  • EASY TO INSTALL. Use the included clips to attach the fans to your RV vent. Connected the red (positive polarity) and black wire(negative polarity) that leads from the control panel of the fan and speed controller to the12V power supply, hook those wires to the same polarity source (positive topositive/ negative to negative).
  • EASY-TO-READ CONTROL BOX INTERFACE. The fan speed control box may be mounted within easy reach so you always know what it's doing. The fan speed and the function (Auto or Manual) are displayed on control box with LED indicator lights.
  • CONVENIENT AND INTELLIGENT SPEED CONTROL MODE. There are two speed control modes, Manual and Auto. In MANUAL mode, the fan runs whenever you turn it on, you can change the fan speed. In AUTO mode, the fan runs based on your temperature setting.The fan will turn on when the temperature probe on the wiring detects the set temperature.
  • HIGH QUALITY and COMPACT CONSTRUCTION. Uueego camper refrigerator fans are predicated to last 50,000 hours with IP 65 waterproof & dustproof design. The fans are designed for years of worry-free service.
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Consider Your Needs

The initial step in picking a 12v fridge is to consider your specific requirements. The length of time will your journeys be? How many individuals are you preparing to feed? Will you require a separate fridge freezer area? These are very important aspects to consider when choosing the dimension and capacity of your fridge. A smaller sized refrigerator might suffice for short trips or solo visitors, while a bigger one would be more suitable for longer journeys or bigger teams.

Size and Ability

As mentioned above, size and capacity are important consider choosing a 12v refrigerator. You want to make sure that the refrigerator is big enough to fit all your food and beverages without using up too much area in your car or motor home. Search for fridges with adjustable racks or baskets to maximize area and allow for better company.

Power Consumption

Given that the fridge will certainly be running your automobile’s battery, it is essential to consider its power consumption. Some refrigerators are extra energy-efficient than others, and this could make a substantial difference in for how long your battery will last. Look for refrigerators with low power intake or functions like car shut-off when the battery gets reduced.

Temperature Setups and Cooling Down Performance

The entire factor of getting a fridge is to maintain your food fresh and cold. For that reason, it is vital to examine the temperature level setups and cooling efficiency of the 12v fridge you are considering. Seek fridges with a vast array of temperature setups and fast air conditioning abilities.

Sturdiness and Mobility

Outdoor adventures can be rough on appliances, so you wish to ensure that your 12v refrigerator is sturdy enough to stand up to the elements. Look for fridges made with premium products and have sturdy building. Transportability is additionally necessary, particularly if you plan on taking your refrigerator on hikes or short trips away from your vehicle.

Extra Attributes

While not necessary, some 12v fridges featured additional attributes that can make them a lot more hassle-free and easy to use. Try to find attributes like an integrated LED light, USB ports for charging devices, and even an integrated bottle opener.


Finally, consider your budget plan when choosing a 12v fridge. The price variety for these fridges can differ dramatically, so see to it to contrast various versions and brand names to find the most effective offer without endangering on top quality.
In conclusion, picking the ideal 12v refrigerator for your next journey needs considering your details requirements, dimension and ability, power consumption, temperature setups and cooling down efficiency, resilience and mobility, additional functions, and price. By taking all these variables right into account, you can discover the optimal 12v fridge that will certainly keep your food fresh and cool on all your outdoor experiences. Happy camping!

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