Etched Nick And Nora Glass

Drinking is a crucial part of our daily life, and having the appropriate type of glassware can make a considerable difference in improving our drinking experience. Whether you are serving white wine, mixed drinks, or simply plain water, picking the proper beverage glasses can elevate your dining or celebration. With numerous options available on the market, it can be frustrating to recognize which glasses to pick. In this article, we will assist you on exactly how to choose beverage glasses that are suitable for your needs.

Etched Nick And Nora Glass – Full Evaluation And Also Buying Guide

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HISTORY COMPANY The Legends Collection “Ciro’s of Hollywood” Coupette Cocktail Glass 2-Piece Set (Gift Box)

$64.00  in stock
as of June 8, 2024 1:22 pm


  • Premium Gift Box Set of 2 iconic Cocktail Coupettes, inspired by Lauren Bacall's glamorous style and a 1940s night on the town at Ciro's Hollywood nightclub, ‘the most glamorous spot on the Sunset Strip’
  • Seductively elegant variation of the Nick & Nora cocktail glass, crafted from purest, non-lead crystal, ensuring clarity and brilliance
  • Each petite cocktail glass is gracefully adorned with a lacy floral etched design, intended to enhance the visual elegance of its contents; adds a fashionable touch to cocktail service; a classic that emanates luxury and glamour
  • Crafted with deep, curved bowl and thin, delicate lip, practical and versatile to ensure civilized sipping of the Martini, Manhattan, Sidecar, Bronx, Gimlet, and other straight-up cocktails
  • Safe, strong, durable and designed for beauty and strength; engineered to withstand rigors of professional bar service; perfect gift-giving idea for hospitality and celebrations - party gifts, birthdays, engagement, wedding, housewarming, anniversaries
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Amehla x The Educated Barfly Collection Coupe Glass Handblown Teardrop Nick and Nora Cocktail Glass - 6-ounce, Set of 2 Martini Glasses for Up Cocktails (Hand-Etched Honeycomb)

$29.99  in stock
as of June 8, 2024 1:22 pm


  • The Educated Barfly has heard your voice and wanted to respond to your inquires by supplying YOU with the beautiful glassware you want. Educated Barfly partnered with Amehla Co. and created these Teardrop Nick and Nora cocktail coupe glasses.
  • The Nick And Nora is one of our favorite glasses. It is the pinnacle of simplicity and elegance. Our take on this iconic glass gives it a more modern feel while preserving the elegance of the original. Available in both plain and our hand-detailed honeycomb hammered finish.
  • You're likely already thinking about what cocktails to stir or shake up to pour in these glasses. Well we featured it in cocktail videos such as the Vesper, New York Sour, and Cable Car. But this glass would be the perfect fit for a Manhattan or any other cocktail served 'UP'
  • Creating & drinking cocktails is exciting and creates amazing memories. We are thrilled for these Amehla x Educated Barfly Teardrop Nick and Nora coupe style glasses being apart those exciting and unforgettable memories.
  • 6-ounce capacity. 6.5-inches tall, 2.5-inch opening at top, 2.5-inches wide at base. Note: Each piece is handblown. As such, dimensions may vary slightly.

Riedel Drink Specific Glassware Nick & Nora Cocktail Glass,4.94 oz

 in stock
13 new from $32.60
Free shipping
as of June 8, 2024 1:22 pm


  • This innovative Nick & Nora cocktail glass makes it possible to Savour the drink effortlessly and elegantly by delivering it perfectly to the mid-palate, so that you do not need to tilt your head back.
  • The Riedel barware drink specific glassware is made in collaboration with spirits specialist Zane Harris.
  • All Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe and includes to glasses
  • Capacity is 4.94 ounces; glass size is 3.03Lx3.03Wx6.02H (Inches)

HISTORY COMPANY Nick & Nora 1934 "New York” Cocktail Coupe Glass 2-Piece Set (Gift Box Collection)

$36.00  in stock
as of June 8, 2024 1:22 pm


  • Premium Gift Box Set of 2 vintage-style, petite Cocktail Coupettes, named after husband-and-wife duo Nick and Nora Charles of the ‘Thin Man’ movies; this version of the Nick & Nora classic brings back the suave sophistication of 1930s high life
  • Photogenic design features a decoratively-etched curved bowl, perfect for drink styling; adds air of well-bred elegance to home or professional cocktail service
  • Somewhere in between a Coupe and a Martini glass, with retro shape and delicate details; trendy, durable, slosh-proof, space-saving, and dishwasher safe
  • Makes a thoughtful gift with effortless sophistication; ideal for celebratory moments - dinner parties, birthdays, engagement, wedding, housewarming, anniversaries
  • Dimensions for superior functionality: 6 1/8-inches (Height), 3 1/8-inches (Top Diameter); 5 1/2-ounce (Volume Capacity); the modest size makes a good option for serving liqueurs, fortified wines, and other tipples
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RONA Steelite Vintage Lace Nick & Nora Wine/Cocktail Glass, Set of 6

$108.00  in stock
as of June 8, 2024 1:22 pm


  • 3" Diameter X 6" H
  • Approximately a 5 ounce capacity
  • Vintage Lace Pattern
  • Material: Glass

HISTORY COMPANY Nick and Nora “Café Trocadero Edition” 1934 Crystal Cocktail Glass 2-Piece Set (Gift Box Collection)

$38.00  in stock
as of June 8, 2024 1:22 pm


  • Premium Gift Box Set of 2 iconic original Nick and Nora Crystal Martini Glasses, authentic post-Prohibition-style, inspired by the petite, tried and true glasses popularized by Nick and Nora of 1930s Hollywood
  • Meticulously crafted from purest, non-lead crystal, ensuring high levels of clarity and brilliance, and finished with etched icons borrowed from the glittering interior of Café Trocadero, the model for nightclub settings in 'The Thin Man' movies
  • These dainty, stemmed, elongated beauties date from the 1930s and tend to be smaller than the more commonplace curvy breast-shaped coupes; they add a fashionable touch to cocktail service; a classic that emanates luxury and glamour
  • Crafted with deep, curved bowl and thin, delicate lip, practical and versatile to ensure civilized sipping of the Martini, Manhattan, Sidecar, Bronx, Gimlet, and other straight-up cocktails; ‘Wine Enthusiast’ recommends the glass for serving Old Pal and Bijou cocktails
  • Dimensions for superior functionality: 2 3/4-inches (T); 2 1/2-inches (B); 5 7/8-inches (H); the modest 6 ounce-size is perfect for drinks that inspire small and elegant sips

Amehla "Hive Glass Honeycomb Nick & Nora Cocktail Glasses, 5oz Coupe Martini, Manhattan, Bee's Knees Craft Cocktails Glass (Pack of 4)

$46.95  in stock
as of June 8, 2024 1:22 pm


  • Specs: 6" tall and 2.85" wide at opening. 5oz capacity. Ideal for use with vodka or gin martini, dirty or not, aperitif, before or after dinner drinks, whiskey manhattan, boulevardier, sidecar, cosmopolitan, anything straight up, or even as a mini little wine glass for the friend that always gets outta hand.
  • Hand-finished etching offers a honeycomb / hammered look. The thin rim allows for an array of garnish options. Small size saves space and stores easily on a hanging wine glass rack.
  • Due to the handmade nature of this glass set, slight variations in height, and the occasional tiny air bubble can wiggle its way into the glass. We are cocktail enthusiasts too, and we're also consumers. Because of that, we encourage you to inspect your glass upon receipt and exchange if there are any flaws. We want your cocktail experience to be awesome.
  • A.K.A. "Thin Man," these timeless, traditional & classy coupe glasses are a great addition to your home bar set. It's our thought that 90% of all cocktails can be served in either a Double Old Fashioned Glass or these Nick & Nora's. Finish off your cocktail set with these up glasses. A staple glassware bar set for a home or professional, commercial bar or bartender, allow these glasses to help you serve up a great drink.
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Consider the type of beverage

The first thing to take into consideration when selecting drink glasses is the kind of beverage you will certainly be serving. Various sorts of beverages require various glass wares to enhance their preference and look. For example, red wine is finest served in a glass with a vast dish and slim opening to permit the red wine to breathe. On the other hand, white wine is ideal served in a smaller glass with a narrower dish to preserve its cooled temperature. Beer glasses can be found in different sizes and shapes depending on the kind of beer, such as pilsner, pint, or wheat beer glasses. As a result, prior to buying beverage glasses, think about the sort of beverages you will certainly be offering.

Quality and product

The quality and material of drink glasses are important aspects to take into consideration. Glass is the most usual material used for drinkware, yet there are additionally alternatives such as crystal, plastic, or stainless steel. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Glass is a popular choice for its clearness, durability, and capability to boost the aroma and flavor of drinks. Crystal glasses, on the other hand, are much more delicate and sophisticated, making them a popular choice for special celebrations. Plastic beverage glasses are suitable for outside occasions or parties as they are lightweight and unbreakable. Stainless steel glasses have superb insulation residential or commercial properties, making them excellent for maintaining beverages warm or chilly.

Shapes and size

The size and shape of beverage glasses also play a considerable function in choosing the appropriate one. Typically, taller, slimmer glasses are best for soft drinks as they help preserve the bubbles and fizz. Shorter, bigger glasses are better for mixed drinks or beverages with ice. The form of the glass can additionally impact just how the beverage tastes. For instance, a liqueur glass with a V-shaped bowl assists to focus the aroma of the beverage, boosting its taste.

Consider your design

Lastly, consider your personal design and the total visual you want to accomplish. Consume alcohol glasses can be found in various layouts and patterns, from classic to modern. If you are holding a formal occasion, crystal glasses with elaborate designs can add a sophisticated touch. For casual gatherings, you can go with less complex, more modern layouts. Also, consider the color of the glassware and exactly how it matches your table setting.
To conclude, selecting the best drink glasses is not practically capability however likewise contributes to the total alcohol consumption experience. By taking into consideration factors such as sort of drink, top quality and material, size and shape, and individual style, you can pick the best drink glasses for your demands. Remember to also deal with your beverage glasses by managing them with care and following appropriate cleansing directions to guarantee they last for a long time.

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