3 Tap Beer Tower

Picking the right beer keg is, to lots of, as essential as choosing the perfect pint. There’s a specific art to this decision, one that weds individual taste with functionality, ease of access with authenticity. Craft beer lovers, homebrewers, and all you keg aficionados out there, right here’s just how I touch out the course to keg bliss.

3 Tap Beer Tower – Complete Testimonial As Well As Buying Overview

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Triple Tap Beer Dispenser Tower - LUCKEG Brand 3 inch Beer Kegerator Beer Tower with 3 Beer Faucet for Home Brewing Beer Kegging

 in stock
as of February 28, 2024 5:23 am


  • 1.Include: 3 inch Stainless Steel Beer Tower Body, 3 pcs of Beer Faucet, 3 pcs 3/16 inch Beer Tubing and Other Beer Tower Assemble Accessories;
  • 2.Durable Mirror Polished Stainless Steel for Beer Tower Body, Chormed Plated Beer Faucet, PVC material Beer Hose;
  • 3.Three faucets allows you to serve up to 3 different beers, a simple and economical solution for your home and bar;
  • 4.The Triple Faucets Beer Tower can be used in Standard Kegerator, Home Brewing System;
  • 5.Guarantee: Quality Guarantee, any problem for 3 Faucet Beer Tower, Money Back or Replacement free.

Hilangsan 3 Tap Beer Tower Draft Beer Tower Kegerator Tower Stainless Steel Beer Tower Dispenser Three Beer Tap Faucet with Spring Pre-installed Beer Line 3” Kegerator Tap Tower Kit for Homebrew

$69.99  in stock
as of February 28, 2024 5:23 am


  • Shiny Stainless Steel Draft Beer Tower - The 3" column is made from SS 304 with a polished finish, rustproof and durable. Standard brass chrome beer faucets with stainless steel cores for healthier and more wear-resistant. High-quality material, solid construction, and stylish looking would last for years! Perfect for replacing an old Kegerator tower or building a new draft beer dispenser system on the countertop.
  • Pre-installed Beer Line for Easy Installation - 5ft 3/16” ID Beer lines and beer tap shanks are pre-installed in the beer tap tower to save you time. Only a few minutes to install it into the kegerator or countertop. The attached beer faucet wrench can be used to tighten the beer faucets and beer shanks during installation, ensuring tight connections and leak-free. It also is very easy to disassemble beer faucets for deep cleaning with the tap wrench.
  • Newly Upgraded Self-closing Faucet - This 3 taps draft beer tower replacement kit includes stainless steel springs that fit between the faucet and the faucet shank, allowing the faucet to automatically close after opening. Avoid inadvertent touches that cause the faucet to open, resulting in beer waste and mess.
  • Insulating Foam & Pour Your Cool Beer - 8mm Insulating foam is built into the cap and walls of the beer tower dispenser. Excellent thermal insulation ensures that every beer you pour stays fresh and cool. Comes with faucet caps and plug brushes for keeping your faucet clean effectively, further ensuring the fresh taste of beer.
  • Complete Beer Tower Replacement Kit - This stainless steel beer tower kit comes with everything you need for installation, including a 3” Stainless Column, 5ft beer lines, beer faucets, tap handles, faucet springs, M5 Screws and nuts, insulator foam, gasket, faucet wrench, faucet covers and brushes, lour worry-free lifetime technical support, and friendly customer service.
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LuckyHigh 3 Faucet Draft Beer Tower, Triple Tap Stainless Steel Polished Beer Kegerator Tower with 3" Column for Home Brewing

$68.99  in stock
1 used from $52.37
Free shipping
as of February 28, 2024 5:23 am


  • This draft beer tower is made of polished stainless steel
  • Column size: 3" /76mm Diameter
  • 3 Faucet taps with black plastic handle
  • Each tap is with 5 feet food grade beer tube.
  • 3 Faucet draft beer tower is used for home, bar, etc.

MRbrew Triple Tap Draft Beer Tower Dispenser Kegerator Dual Faucet Beer Tower, Support Countertop and Kegerator Installation, Stainless Steel 3'' Brewing Tower Beer Faucet Dispenser Kit for Homebrew

$69.95  in stock
as of February 28, 2024 5:23 am


  • Support Kegerator and Countertop Installation: MRbrew triple tap tower comes with necessary installation fittings letting it meet your 2 styles installation needs perfectly, just use installation screws to fix beer tower to kegerator top easily. need to drill holes if you want to install this beer tower to countertop, then attach little metal washers to installation screws, under beer tower, attach hex nuts to the screws to help fix installion, a great beer dispenser kit for your homebrew.
  • Self-Closing Beer Faucet Spring Avoids Beer Waste: this beer tower features a thoughtful stainless self-closing tap spring, which will rebound immediately and close the beer faucet in time if you accidentally touch the tap handle causing the faucet to open, which will reduce beverage waste efficiently and prevent the brewing mess. when you install the beer tap springs, the narrow end should be towards the tap, the wide end should be towards beer tower to get correct performance.
  • Beer Tap Wrench Prevents Leaking and Tap Brush Cover Keep Clean: keg faucet tower comes with tightening tools to help connection fit tightly. use faucet wrench to tighten connection bewteen beer faucet and beer tower and connection between the inside beer shank and tower, beer tower top cap is easy to pry open with screwdriver, use hose clamp to tighten beer line connection, no leaks. long cleaning brush tap plug can clean the inside of faucet, tap dust cover keeps dirty from entering faucet.
  • Healthy Stainless Structure and Partially Pre-Assembled: kegerator tower features an all-stainless structure, chrome-plated polished brass body beer tap features a stainless core that touches beer directly, will not easy to get rust, the dispensing hose is made of healthy plastic, no ordors, keep original beer taste. brewing beer tubing and beer tower inside beer shank connector are pre-assmebled, which will improve the your efficiency to assemble and install this single tap beer tower kit.
  • Beer Tower Insulation Foam Keeps Beer Fresh and Widely Used: there is a piece of insulation foam inside the beer tower, which will reduce influence of external environment high temperature on beverage, beer will be in a suitable temperature, taste will not easy to go bad, perfect for dispensing beer, kombucha, soda water and other carbonated drinks for wedding, graduation party, outdoor picnic, home kegerator, restaurant, pub, bar, a perfect piece for any brewers equipment home or commercial.
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Dbgogo Triple Tap Draft Beer Tower, Stainless Steel 3'' Flange Brewing Tower Stainless Core Keg Tap Dispenser Self-Closing Faucet Spring 1/4'' Barb Fitting Kit for Kegerator Countertop Installation

$69.98  in stock
1 used from $58.19
Free shipping
as of February 28, 2024 5:23 am


  • 【3 Tap Beer Tower with Self-closing Functionality】 This triple tap draft beer tower features a triple-faucet dispensing system. The beer taps are not easy to stick and have a nice touch, and smooth liquid pour, enabling you to have 3 different beers dispensed simultaneously. The self-closing springs will let you have a "spring back" beer faucets, create a spring return system on taps guaranteeing that the beer tower tap gets shut off at once when your pouring is done, and reduce pouring mess effectively!
  • 【Pre-assembled Beer Line with 1/4” O.D Keg Coupler Barb】5 feet I.D 3/16'' home brew beer hose is made of healthy PVC plastic, soft, durable and easy to clean, will not bring any odor. The beer line tubing is long enough to easily pull a keg out of fridge to change and come pre-assembled for your convenience. The kegerator tower kit comes with polished brass 1/4" O.D keg tap tailpiece fitting to connect keg coupler to beer kegerator line to dispense beer directly from draft beer keg!
  • 【Tight Connection with Faucet Wrench, No Leakage】You can seal the connection between the 3 tap kegerator tower and beer tap tightly with the practical faucet wrench, and attach the hose to the tubing connector tightly with a hose clamp, which will avoid beer leakage effectively. Clean the beer faucets regularly with the beer tap plug brush and keep the dust from entering beer tap with the beer faucet cover. The kegerator cleaning kit is a great choice for your kegerator dispensing system undoubtedly!
  • 【Complete Kegerator Installation Parts】This triple tap beer tower dispenser is pretty well thought out coming with all parts that are used to install this beer tap tower on the top of a kegerator, including a keg tool for faucet installation and removal, useful spanner wrench around the system, big rubber gasket to install between the draft beer tower and mounting surface, a collar that sits at the base of the tower to hide the installation hardware, etc. Healthy tubing will not produce odor to your drinks!
  • 【Perfect Insulation In the Tower and Brings Tasty Beer】The inside wall of the kegerator tower kit is insulated with insulation foam, and the tower and faucet spindles are top-notch stainless, which lets your beer be in a suitable temperature keeping beer fresh. You can control the flow by tap handle easily. This draft beer tower can be easily connected to 1/4 keg coupler with 1/4 tailpiece. Great for someone who needs a basic but pretty nice single-tap tower for their kegerator, bars, hotel and restaurant.

YB YaeBrew Triple Tap Faucet Stainless Steel Draft Beer Tower, 3-Inches Column - 3 Faucets

$68.99  in stock
as of February 28, 2024 5:23 am


  • 3 Faucet Beer Tower with 3-Inches Column - 3 Faucets
  • Pretty Polished stainless steel body;
  • A tool wrench included;
  • Come with some spare springs, red seals and 5 Feet (3/16" ID) Beer Hose, with Tailpiece and Hex Nut Connection
  • This YaeBrew Triple Tap Beer Tower has 3 brass faucets with levers.


  • HIGH QUALITY & SHINY SURFACE: This TMCRAFT beer tower dispenser features high-quality SS 304 with a polished finish for better wear resistance. The brass faucets with stainless steel cores are safe for beverages without any strange odors.
  • PRE-INSTALLED ACCESSORIES: The 5ft 3/16’’ ID beer lines and beer tap shanks are pre-installed in the beer tap tower to save you time, and the hex nut on the beer hose can be directly connected to the keg coupler. You can install it into a kegerator or countertop in just a few minutes.
  • SELF-CLOSING FAUCET: This draft beer tower kit includes 3 strong springs for tap installation. The upgraded self-closing faucet can rebound immediately to avoid unexpected beverage drips.
  • INSULATING FOAM: The TMCRAFT triple faucet draft beer tower dispenser is designed for drinking all kinds of beverages. The insulating foam built into the walls of the beer tower dispenser provides excellent thermal insulation, ensuring that every beer you pour stays fresh and cool.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: The beer tower dispenser can be installed on a kegerator dispenser or a bar counter and can hold other soft drinks besides beer, such as wine and juice. It is suitable for family gatherings or commercial applications like bars, hotels, restaurants, and kitchens.

Crafting Your Approach

For those knit in the world of hoppy nectars, the choice of a beer keg could seem to verge on a spiritual ritual. After all, this isn’t your ordinary carbonation container; it’s the lifeblood of your social gatherings, the centrepiece of countless memories.
Begin with the liquid. Craft brews demand a finesse that their mass-produced relatives do not. Think about the beer’s design, its bouquet, and, certainly, the taste. Will a half-barrel befit the daring of a stout, or is a pony keg kinder to the subtleties of an IPA?
After that, evaluate your surroundings – the event or club setup. A bigger team may necessitate a bigger vessel. For a gathering of ten, a sixtel or corny keg could suffice. Imbibing within the conveniences of your home? The modest torpedo keg could really feel just right.

The Stay-at-Home Maker’s Problem

Homebrewers, you are the alchemists, the developers of bespoke beers. Your selection of keg plays a a lot more intimate function in your brewing trip. Stainless-steel or glass – the debates are eternal. Stainless steel is sturdy, sturdy, and usually dishwasher-safe, excellent for numerous uses. Glass, on the other hand, showcases your production, transforming the easy act of pouring into a visual experience. It’s an option that typically echoes one’s technique to brewing – strong and sensible or artisanal and expressive.
The decision-making does not finish there. Think about your storage area – bear in mind, a full keg can consider a fair bit. Plan for exactly how and where you’ll serve your brew. Will you have a kegerator, or are you converting a refrigerator? Each approach includes its set of constraints and blessings.
Lastly, consider the lines that will lug your beer to its recipients. Sanitation is alongside beerliness, and the offering lines play a crucial duty in upholding the taste and honesty of your beer. Be attentive in your option; it’s the often-overlooked hero in this tale.

Authenticity through Adaptability

Availability is imperative in an ever-evolving beer society. As our preferences, modern technologies, and contexts adjustment, our keg choices need to adapt. Today’s preferred might end up being tomorrow’s commonplace, however the elegance of the keg lies not just in its contents yet likewise its vessel.
Being authentic in your option suggests remaining true to the beer, the occasion, and your own journey in the world of malts and jumps. It’s your story, your keg, your put. Be purposeful, be knowledgeable, and, most significantly, be you in picking that ideal beer keg. Thanks to variety, to personal preference, and to the timeless quest for the supreme keg experience.

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