Why Does My Kegerator Beer Taste Flat? – Things To Know

Why does my kegerator beer taste flat?

Do you enjoy a cold beer on a hot day? How about one after work to help relax and unwind? If you have ever tasted a beer from your kegerator, you may have noticed that it doesn’t taste quite as good as the beers you buy at the store or brewery. Why is that? In this blog post, we will explore some of the reasons Why does my kegerator beer taste flat? and give you some tips to help improve the flavor. Keep reading to learn more!

Why does my kegerator beer taste flat? How to fix it

Servers should be aware that serving flat beer will drive customers away. Beer at its best has a certain effervescence which helps enhance the drinking experience and many ways, this is similar to the problem with too much foam on top (or over carbonation). Flat or too foamy brews are almost precisely reversing what you want in your drink: less carbonation means more likelihood of spoilage If your tables are receiving flabbergasted responses from patrons after they’ve finished their drinks then you may have an issue(s) going forward.

There are a few potential causes for beer to go from hero to zero in terms of effervescence. It’s essential to understand what might be going on so you can make the necessary changes and get that keg kicking again:

The beer is too cold

Served beer should always be at least slightly warmer than the surrounding air temperature, ideally around 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. When beer gets too cold, the carbon dioxide inside dissipates and becomes less soluble, resulting in less fizz. Of course, if your tap lines are particularly long, there’s a good chance that by the time the beer reaches the customer it may have lost some of its original intended temperatures. In this case, adding an extra layer of insulation to your tap lines (or using shorter ones) may help to keep the beer at a more consistent temperature.

The keg was stored or transported in an upright position

If a keg is left on its side for too long, the CO2 will seep out of the beer and into the atmosphere. When you go to pour a pint, all that’s left is a sad, flat drink. Always store and transport your kegs horizontally so that this doesn’t happen.

The coupler is not properly sealed

The coupler is the part of the tap system that attaches to the keg and allows the beer to flow from it. If this isn’t sealed correctly, air will be able to get in and disrupt the delicate carbonation balance, causing your beer to go flat. Make sure that the coupling system is airtight before serving.

The keg was already low on CO2

A brand new keg of beer will have a certain amount of carbon dioxide dissolved in it under pressure, but as it’s emptied and refilled, this level will drop. When there’s not enough CO2 in the beer, it can’t hold onto its fizziness and will start to taste flat. Check the pressure gauge regularly to make sure that your keg has enough CO2 (between 12-14 PSI is ideal) and top it up if necessary.

The keg was already low on CO2

If you’re troubleshooting a case of the flabby and none of these seem to be the issue, then you may need to contact your beer supplier for further advice. In the meantime, try serving your beer a bit warmer and check that all of your tap lines are properly insulated. With any luck, those suds will be back to their original glory in no time!

Why is beer poured with a lot of foam, flat taste?

When beer is first poured, there should be a good amount of foam (or head), but as time goes on, the foam dissipates and the beer starts to taste flat. Why is this?

The main reason for this is that carbon dioxide escapes from the beer when it’s exposed to air. This means that the longer a beer is left out, the lesscarbonated it becomes and the flatter it tastes.

One way to prevent this from happening is to pour your beers into glasses with a lot of foam. This will help to keep the carbon dioxide in the beer and make it taste fresher for longer. Another option is to use a nitrogen-infused keg system, which doesn’t allow carbon dioxide to escape from the beer.

If you’re wondering why your beer tastes flat, it’s likely due to one of these two reasons. By taking steps to prevent carbon dioxide from escaping, you can keep your beer tasting fresher for longer. Cheers!


In short, there are a few potential reasons Why does my kegerator beer taste flat: the beer is too cold, the keg was stored or transported in an upright position, the coupler is not properly sealed, the keg was already low on CO2, or the beer has simply been exposed to air for too long. To fix the problem, try serving your beer a bit warmer, check that all of your tap lines are properly insulated, and make sure that your keg is properly pressurized. With any luck, those suds will be back to their original glory in no time!

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