Best Soft Nugget Ice Maker

Whether you’re an ardent party host or a chilled-beverage enthusiast, a high-quality ice manufacturer can be a game-changer in your everyday life. Gone are the days of rushing to the grocery store for a bag of ice. With the right machine at hand, you can appreciate an endless supply of ice, exactly the means you like it.
Ice manufacturers come in a variety of designs, from portable countertop models that are perfect for barbecues or tiny gatherings, to bigger, under-counter units that can produce ice on an industrial scale. Some of today’s state-of-the-art choices also offer clever functions, like timers, self-cleaning settings, as well as alerts when the ice is ready or the water level is reduced.
This guide will certainly debunk the world of ice manufacturers, aiding you to realize that there’s even more to these useful devices than fulfills the eye. By recognizing the various functions and benefits of the Best Soft Nugget Ice Maker on the market today, you’ll be well furnished to choose the one that fits your demands flawlessly.

Best Soft Nugget Ice Maker – Quick Comparisions

When it concerns ice manufacturers, a fast comparison of a couple of premier models can be an informing workout. Each model differs in ability, speed, sort of ice it creates, and also additional functions. In this section, we’ll give a concise comparison of top leading ice makers to aid you make an educated decision.

*Note: The score is based on our AI score (Editor’s choice and rating).

Nugget Countertop Ice Maker with Soft Chewable Pellet Ice, Automatic 34lbs in 24 Hours,Pebble Portable Ice Machine with Ice Scoop, Self-Cleaning, One-Click Operation, for Kitchen,Office White

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  • FAST ICE MAKING:Fill 1.1l of water into the water tank, maximum ice capacity can reach 34lbs in 24 hours. It won't make you feel anxious because of waiting, let you and your family have ice cubes all day long.
  • Chewable nugget ice: Chewing-block ice is made from crushed ice cut with blades, as opposed to traditional hard block ice which are chewable, brittle, ready fast and retains its flavor. The optimal melting speed preserves the original flavor of whisky and cold drinks.
  • QUIET AND USER FRIENDLY: It makes ice with low noise. The transparent lid allows you to monitor the ice making process. A considerate ice scoop holder, easy to find your ice scoop before making ice. Only need to press one button, helps you to quickly understand how to use it. When the water is insufficient or the ice basket is full, the indicator light will turn on.
  • SELF-CLEANING FUNCTION: Press “ICE/CLEAN” button for 5 seconds, the ring indicator light flashes white. It will run the cleaning procedure for 15 minutes and automatically exit. Press this button again during the cleaning procedure and it will exit immediately.
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT: This mini ice maker measures just 8.50 x 11.22 x 12.60 inches. Large Capacity Based on Small Footprint, Small Enough to fit on most countertop and easy to store when not in use. It takes up less space at home or in the office, barbeques, outdoor parties, or basement bars.

Ice Makers Countertop Nugget Ice Cubes, Pebble Ice Maker with Soft Chewy Pellet Ice, 11,000pcs/35Lbs/Day, Self-Cleaning, One-Click Operation, Portable Nugget Ice Machine for Home Kitchen Bar Party RV

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  • [Enjoy Soft Chewable Nugget Ice Anytime] With the nugget ice maker countertop, you can make ice as delicious as Sonic’s ice at home and enjoy it anytime, anywhere! This nugget ice machine makes soft, crunchy, and chewy ice that quickly mixes into drinks. Enjoy your summer drink faster and with less melting with ice makers countertop nugget ice cubes. It is great for cocktails, an afternoon soda, water bottles, and any beverage.
  • [Fast Ice Making & Large Capacity] The powerful ice machine with 1.2Qt water reservoir allows up to 10,000pcs/33Lbs ice per day. It only takes about 12 minutes for the pebble ice maker to produce refreshing chewy ice for the first time. After normal operation, it takes 2 minutes to produce a round of ice and fill it with pebble ice. Unused nugget ice is kept for about 30 minutes and then melts slowly, the ice maker will auto-continue to make ice. Enjoy always having fresh ice on hand!
  • [Hassle-Free Self-Cleaning] Instead of cleaning manually the ice nugget maker, just press & hold the switch for 5 seconds to start the crushed ice maker’s self-cleaning function. The cleaning process takes about 15 mins. After cleaning, you only need to unplug the bottom plug, let the sewage drain by gravity, and you can start using it happily. Tips: Use the auto self-cleaning feature to keep the inside of your ice makers countertop nugget hygienic and extend the life of your pebble ice machine.
  • [Easy to Use] One-button design is very user-friendly. Pour potable water into the reservoir (do not exceed the maximum water line), press a button, and you get soft, crunchy sonic ice. For maximum ease of use, the sonic ice maker machine for countertop uses intelligent infrared to detect the state of ice fullness and shortage, and through the large transparent window, you can check the ice storage situation, open and take out the ice basket at any time, or scoop ice directly with the ice scoop.
  • [Low Noise & Portable] Ice-making noise is roughly 40 dB, which won’t disturb you. It has a compact size of 11.3 *8.7*12.7 inches, you can take it with you in your RV's camping trailer, or at family gatherings. This portable ice maker countertop will be the perfect companion to enjoy a good life, ideal for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, and party. If you need any help, please contact us anytime.

Nugget Countertop Ice Maker, Silonn Chewable Pellet Ice Machine with Self-Cleaning Function, 33lbs/24H, Portable Ice Makers for Home, Kitchen, Office, Black

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  • LIGHTNING FAST ICE MAKER - The Silonn Nugget Ice Maker can produce up to 33 pounds of ice per day. This countertop ice maker makes ice so fast that the first round takes only 6 minutes, much faster than the average 20 minutes.
  • CHEWABLE NUGGET ICE - Our nugget ice maker produces chewable nugget ice, perfect for smoothies, cocktails, sodas, and more. Unlike regular ice cubes, the satisfying crunch and chewy texture of nugget ice comes from the compacted and layered ice flakes, resulting in a better mouthfeel.
  • SELF-CLEANING FUNCTION - The countertop ice maker has a removable cover that makes it easy to reach every nook and cranny for deep cleaning. The ice maker also features an automatic self-cleaning cycle that can be activated by pressing and holding the ICE/CLEAN button for 5 seconds.
  • QUIET ICE-MAKING - The nugget ice maker is designed with a quiet cooling process, making it one of the quietest nugget ice makers on the market. Enjoy silent, smooth operation that doesn’t disturb your home or office space. An indicator light illuminates when water is low or the ice basket is full.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE - The ice maker measures 11.3″ W x 8.66″ D x 12.68″ H, compact enough to fit right on your countertop and perfect for use at home, in the office, or at parties. Take this nugget ice maker wherever you go and enjoy frozen treats with friends and family.

Kndko Nugget Ice Maker Countertop,34lbs/Day,Portable Crushed Ice Machine,Self Cleaning with One-Click Design & Removable Top Cover,Soft Chewable Pebble Ice Maker for Home Bar Camping RV,Black Basic

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  • Good Taste, Soft, Crushed Ice with freezing drinks to use: -Never run out of nugget ice! Kndko Nugget Ice Maker makes pebble beloved ice and the Ice Maker Machine can produces the softest,crunchiest, and most chewable ice that quickly blends into your drinks.The pellet ice cubes retain its flavor and taste good that is different from traditional hard cubes of full cube or bullet ice. Being ready fast in 14mins for 100 nuggets ice and 10,000pcs/34 pounds in 24 hours.
  • Fast Continuous Ice Making : - Refreshing chewy ice is made from compacted ice flakes and best for wine,cocktails,coffee and beverages and foods. Take the nugget ice maker countertop on your RV adventure or family gathering,Getting soft ice anytime anywhere without shopping and immediately available for a midnight snack or a big party create cold drinks, cool beers and so on.Whether it's summer or winter,the ice makers countertop helps keep food fresh
  • High Efficient & Save money: - This ice maker countertop can produce a basket ice of 1.5 pounds in 1.5 hours.Take it out every hour when gets full, transfer the ice to a bag or bin and place it in freezer so that get 34lbs/day.The melted ice will be used to make new ice,No need to worry about running out of ice.No need to waste time to shop and saving up to 80% of money on ice cubes every day.
  • Double self Cleaning Design : - Hard water is the cause of scale, Say goodbye to the hassle of manual cleaning with our pebble ice makers countertop self-cleaning function.One press on 'ICE/CLEAN' for 5 seconds to start self-cleaning program. Wait for 15 min and drain off the water to complete. By recirculating melted ice to the 1.1L water reservoir, You can enjoy healthy and fresh nugget ice at any time.You can easily open the ice maker machine top cover for deep cleaning every month
  • Simple to use & Service: -This countertop ice maker One-click design is easy for you to get fresh ice. The crushed ice maker will remind you to take out ice when the basket gets full and to add water when lacking of water. Easily moving the ice maker Machine with size 11.3*8.6*12.6in, weight 18.7lb.When you buy a Kndko ice maker,you will get a one-year service and lifetime support for ice makers from KNDKO store. If break down, sending a new one instead of going to the local area for repair.

Nugget Ice Makers Countertop with Soft Chewable Pellet Ice, Pebble Ice Maker Machine with Self-Cleaning, 35Lbs/24Hrs, One-Click Operation, Ice Basket/Ice Scoop for Home/Office/Bar/Party, Black

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  • 【Fast Ice Making】- ZAFRO nugget ice maker uses a highly-efficient compressor to make ice just 7mins, the ice maker products 35lbs/24Hrs(total output may depend on the ambient temps), it’s an ideal choice for you to choose our pebble ice maker for your home, office, bar.
  • 【Enjoy the Delicious Ice】- Compare to traditional ice, the nugget ice of our countertop ice maker is softer, more chew-able and more crunchy, Enjoy fresh ice anytime and anywhere.
  • 【Self-Cleaning Function】- One-click (just press the power “on/off” for 5s) cleaning operation to provide you with the through cleaning, easy operation to free your hands.
  • 【Low Noise】- The countertop ice machine is equipped with a 2023 generation of high-efficiency compressor , which achieves low noise level. It will not affect your daily work or entertainment.
  • 【Portable Ice Maker】- This portable ice maker with size 11.3(D)*8.66(W)*12.68(H) inchs. Easy to carry, this countertop nugget ice maker is the ideal choice for Kitchen, Living room, Bedroom, Office and Party.

Thereye Countertop Nugget Ice Maker, Pebble Ice Maker Machine, 30lbs Per Day, 2 Ways Water Refill, 3Qt Water Reservoir & Self-Cleaning, Stainless Steel Finish Ice Machine for Home Office Party

$399.99  in stock
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  • Chewable Nugget Ice: Compared with traditional hard cubes, crunchable and softer nugget ice is made from compacted ice flakes; Optimal melting speed can considerately retain the original flavor of your ice-cold drinks like cocktails and other beverages
  • Fast Ice Making: 3Qt water reservoir and a powerful compressor effortlessly allow up to 30lbs of ice per day. Making ice within 15 minutes ONLY
  • 2 Ways Water Refill: Auto/Manual refill water switchable; You can connect the included 10ft inlet hose for easy water filling, hassle free; Meanwhile, you can also add water manually, accessible to outdoor activities like parties, camping; (it is better to make ice with pure water)
  • Self-Cleaning Feature: Just press the 'CLEAN' button for 3s to start cleaning cycle before ice making, ensure you can enjoy healthy and fresh nugget ice at any time

Freezimer DreamiceX2 | Nugget Ice Maker Countertop with Chewable Sonic Ice | Self-Cleaning Quiet Thick Insulation with Waterline | Pebble Ice Machine Soft Ice | Pellet Ice Makers | 33lbs/24h

$304.99  in stock
as of September 29, 2023 3:20 pm


  • ❥【CHEWABLE NUGGET ICE】: Compared with traditional hard cubes, crunchy and softer nugget ice is made from compacted ice flakes,Optimize melting speed, absorbs flavors of cocktails and other beverages
  • ❥【33 POUNDS OF ICE PER DAY】: Begin enjoying your first batch of ice in 7minutes. Never run out of nugget ice thanks to fast cooling technology that makes one pound of fresh ice per hour and a large ice bin holds up to 3Lbs at a time, plus a 2.7L water tank can satisfy a party's needs
  • ❥【AUTO-REFILL INLINE WATER FILTER】: Don't miss a moment of your party for water refills. Always have nugget ice on-hand thanks to an inline water filter that auto-pumps & filters tap water continuously. SOLD SEPARATELY
  • ❥【CONVENIENT CLEANING SOLUTIONS】: Skip the scrubbing thanks to an advanced cleaning system that keeps the ice maker mold & mildew free and it self-descales by adding lemon solutions (cutting down mineral build-up) when used regularly, keeping ice tasting fresh & machine performance always at its best
  • ❥【TRUSTED WARRANTY & SERVICE】:Freezimer DreamiceX2 offers a 12-MONTH warranty policy, Our team is committed to ensuring customers' worry-free purchases. Your trust is our TOP priority. If any defective machine is received, please feel free to contact us immediately and we are always behind your back!

Best Soft Nugget Ice Maker – Buying Guides

Acquiring an ice maker can be a considerable financial investment, so it’s essential to know what to seek before taking the plunge.
This purchasing guide will certainly explore crucial elements to consider, such as ice production and storage space capacity, power efficiency, simplicity of use, and maintenance needs. Armed with this expertise, you’ll be on your way to selecting an ice maker that ideal fits your requirements.

Ice Production and also Storage Capacity

When selecting an ice manufacturer, among the first aspects to consider is its ice manufacturing and storage space capacity. This metric is usually determined in pounds each day. If you regularly hold big events or run a service that needs a continuous supply of ice, go for a model with a high output. On the other hand, if you just require ice for periodic beverages in your home, a lower capacity version would certainly suffice.
Another important aspect to consider is the storage ability, which shows the quantity of ice the device can save at a given time. Keep in mind that storage capacity is often less than production capacity. If you use ice occasionally throughout the day, an ice maker with a big storage space bin would be beneficial.

Power Efficiency

Ice makers can consume a significant amount of power, so it’s important to think about power performance when making your choice. Inspect the Energy Star rating of the device, as a greater rating suggests much better energy performance. Not only will this reduce your environmental effect, but it can likewise lead to considerable cost savings on your electrical energy costs in time.

Kind of Ice

Ice manufacturers can produce various kinds of ice, including bullet, nugget, cube, and flake. The choice relies on your usage behaviors. For instance, if you appreciate cocktails or wish to cool your drinks promptly, the Best Soft Nugget Ice Maker that produces nugget or flake ice would be perfect. On the other hand, for basic family usage, bullet or cube ice might be better.

Alleviate of Use and Maintenance

A straightforward ice manufacturer can make your life simpler. Try to find devices with instinctive controls, self-cleaning functions, and also clear instructions. In addition, think about upkeep elements like the convenience of cleaning and the schedule of exchangeable components.

Sound Level

While ice manufacturers aren’t infamous for being loud, some designs can be louder than others. If you’re sensitive to noise or plan to use the device in a quiet atmosphere, think about inspecting the sound degree prior to buying.
Finally, getting the perfect ice manufacturer includes a mindful factor to consider of a variety of elements. Focus on functions that align with your demands as well as usage practices for the very best experience.


Icing drinks or creating a cooled setting for your cocktail party doesn’t need to be a trouble anymore. With an suitable ice maker, you can make sure a consistent supply of ice in your preferred sizes and shape, finest matched for your needs. It’s all about recognizing the capability, power performance, kind of ice generated, as well as just how user-friendly the device is.

Q1: How much energy do ice manufacturers normally take in?

Ice makers, like any other device, consume energy based on their capacity and also use. Larger, commercial-grade ice devices might consume a considerable quantity of power, especially if they run continuously. Nevertheless, smaller, household versions are often developed with power effectiveness in mind as well as consume substantially less power.
An reliable method to understand the power usage of an ice maker is to seek its Energy Star score. Devices with a high Energy Star score are extra energy-efficient, indicating they use much less power to do their jobs. This can cause reduced power costs as well as a decreased ecological footprint.

Q2: Can I regulate the dimension of the ice cubes in my ice manufacturer?

Yes, many ice manufacturers supply the alternative to control the size of the ice cubes. This function is specifically helpful for those who wish to tailor their ice to suit different beverage kinds. Huge ice cubes are suitable for slow-cooling beverages without overly diluting them, while smaller sized cubes or crushed ice may be preferred for quick-cooling drinks or making smoothie mixes as well as alcoholic drinks.
Nonetheless, it’s crucial to note that not all ice makers supply this feature. As a result, if this is a critical variable for you, make sure to examine the product requirements or get in touch with the manufacturer prior to making a purchase.

Q3: What do I do if my ice manufacturer quits making ice?

If your ice maker quits producing ice, maybe as a result of numerous reasons. One of the most typical issues are a lack of water system, a full ice container, or a stopped up water filter.
In such situations, first, examine if the ice maker is attached to a water resource and that the water system is activated. If the ice container is complete, remove some ice to enable the machine to continue creating a lot more. If the water filter is blocked, it will certainly need to be cleaned or replaced.
If none of these concerns are present, or if the device still does not function after resolving them, it’s a good idea to speak with a expert or connect to the supplier’s customer service.

Q4: How often should I cleanse my ice manufacturer?

Regular cleansing of your ice manufacturer is essential to ensure it operates optimally and also generates premium ice. The regularity of cleaning depends on how commonly you make use of the maker and the sort of water you make use of. If you use hard water, you might require to clean up the equipment more regularly because of mineral accumulation.
As a rule of thumb, for residential ice manufacturers, cleansing every three to 6 months is usually suggested. Nevertheless, you need to constantly refer to the supplier’s guidelines for specific cleansing standards. Normal cleansing not just helps preserve the performance of the machine yet also makes sure the ice created is clean and secure to take in.

Last Thought

Purchasing the right ice maker can be a game-changer for your kitchen or home entertainment room. It’s not practically having a constant supply of ice; it’s about the convenience, the energy financial savings, as well as the capacity to customize your ice to your choices. Keep in mind, the Best Soft Nugget Ice Maker for you relies on your specific demands and usage behaviors.
Whether you’re a alcoholic drink enthusiast seeking nugget ice, a family that uses ice regularly in drinks, or a company owner trying to find a high-capacity, energy-efficient design, there’s an ice maker available that’s the best suitable for you.
Do your research, contrast designs and attributes, as well as make an educated choice that will certainly keep your beverages cooled and also your guests satisfied. And, with proper upkeep and also regular cleansing, your ice manufacturer will offer you well for several years to find. Happy cooling!

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