Best Water Dispenser With Ice Maker

When it concerns enjoying cooled drinks or organizing a successful gathering, there’s one unsung hero that plays a vital duty – the ice manufacturer. A high-grade ice manufacturer is an vital appliance that eases the task of quickly creating a large amount of ice, thus getting rid of the requirement for consistent tray re-filling and also time-consuming freezing.
Ice manufacturers can be found in a variety of designs, dimensions, and also ice-making capabilities, guaranteeing there’s an alternative to fulfill every need. Whether you’re a event host in need of a constant stream of ice for your guests’ drinks, a outdoor camping lover desiring a portable option for your amazing beverages when driving, or a entrepreneur looking for to equip your dining establishment or bar with a reputable ice-making machine, there’s an ice manufacturer around for you.
In this guide, we’ll discover the Best Water Dispenser With Ice Maker offered on the market, contrasting their functions, efficiency, and also user-friendliness, to assist you select the best ice-making buddy for your requirements.

Best Water Dispenser With Ice Maker – Quick Comparisions

Below is a fast review of our top picks of ice manufacturers, each offering unique attributes that satisfy different needs. Our choice varies from compact and mobile models ideal for outdoor adventures, to sturdy equipments with the ability of dealing with the needs of a bustling dining establishment or bar.
Continue reading to find which ice maker would best match your needs, guaranteeing you’ll never be short of ice when you require it.

*Note: The score is based on our AI score (Editor’s choice and rating).

ICEPURE 3 in 1 Water Cooler Dispenser with Built-in Ice Maker, Hot Cold Room Temp Water and Bullet Ice, Top Loading 2, 3 or 5 Gallon, 26.5 Lbs per 24H Ice Maker, Child Safety Lock, Black

$339.99  in stock
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as of April 20, 2024 4:05 pm


  • Authenticity Guarantee- ICEPURE 3-in-1 Water Cooler Dispenser with built-in ice maker has ETL, FCC, and UL Certifications. All materials in contact with water are food grade, ensuring a healthy and clean experience. With thorough inspections carried out on each device before leaving the factory, you can rest assured that ICEPURE offers only the highest standards of safety and convenience. Choose ICEPURE, Choose a convenient and assured life.
  • Powerful Function- This machine combines a water dispenser and an ice maker into one machine, saving space in small kitchens or offices.32.0℉ Ice water, 194.0℉ Hot water,73.4℉ Room temp water, 26.5lbs/24Hours. Whether in a hot summer or a chillsome winter, our water cooler with an ice maker can meet your needs. The child safety lock prevents the accidental outflow of hot water. Overload Protection and Anti-dry Heating Protection Functions make your family at ease to use.
  • Fast & Efficient- The Top Loading Water Dispenser can produce 9 bullet-shaped ice pieces in 7-15 minutes while delivering hot or cool water within 5 minutes. The built-in ice maker can make 26.5 lbs of ice cubes per day. You won't have to worry about overproduction with automatic stop-making when the ice basket is full. The bullet-shaped ice cubes are perfect for quickly cooling drinks, fruits, or food on hot summer days without melting or sticking together.
  • Accessible to Use- The water cooler dispenser requires no installation and no need to connect inlet and drain pipes. The control panel is user-friendly, making it easy to operate. All you have to do is load a 2, 3, or 5-gallon water jug on the top of the dispenser, then you can start enjoying refreshing cool water and ice cubes in just minutes. And the high-quality compressor makes the water dispenser work almost silently, ensuring you won't be disturbed while working or resting.
  • Quality Guarantee- ICEPURE is an American company. Our factory has been producing high-quality water treatment products for 20+ years. The water machine is made with food-grade and BPA-free materials, a fashionable, exquisite appearance. The water and ice dispenser is an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious consumers who want to reduce their energy consumption. 24H customer service, seven-day no-reason return or exchange, and we also provide a one-year warranty service for free.
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ICEPURE 5-in-1 Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser with Bullet Ice Maker and Built-in Crushed/Chewable Ice Machine, Hot Cold Water, 35lbs/24H Ice, 5 Gallon Bottle, Child Safety Lock Stainless Steel

 out of stock
as of April 20, 2024 4:05 pm


  • Assurance of Authenticity- The ICEPURE water dispenser with ice maker has received certifications from esteemed and authoritative organizations in the US, such as ETC and FCC. Our adherence to these rigorous standards guarantees a truly impeccable product. We use food-grade materials for all components that come into contact with water, ensuring that every sip and ice cube is free from any potential contaminants or Odor. With ICEPURE, you can enjoy a refreshing and safe drinking experience.
  • Versatile Water Cooler Dispenser- This machine seamlessly blends the functionality of a water cooler dispenser with an ice maker. With the ability to dispense refreshing 32.0℉ Ice water, 194.0℉ Hot water, and soothing 73.4℉ soothing room temp water.Whether you long for an ice-cold beverage on a sweltering summer day or a steaming cup of tea during the chilly winter months, our water dispenser is sure to cater to your every hydration whim. Child safety lock. Water shortage reminder.
  • Efficient Ice Production- In 5-8 minutes, The bottom load water cooler ice maker can produce 9 bullet-shaped ice pieces, 35 lbs ice cubes /24H. Crushed ice can be achieved in just 5 seconds. With automatic stop-making when the ice basket is full, you won't have to worry about overproduction. The bullet-shaped ice cubes are perfect for quickly cooling drinks, or food, without quickly melting or sticking together. Crushed ice can also be used to create delightful soft drinks.
  • Facilitating Life- This simply requires you to load a 1~5 gallon water bottle at its base. No lifting or overturning, effortlessly replace the water bottle. The bottom door magnetic closure. The machine can also operate through the TUYA app, remote operation without the need to approach the machine, adding a touch of convenience and amusement to your daily life. For WiFi connectivity, refer to the instruction manual. The machine operates quietly, ensuring your work and rest go undisturbed.
  • Quality Guarantee- ICEPURE is an American company. Our factory has been producing high-quality water treatment products for 20+ years. The water cooler ice maker is made with food-grade and BPA-free materials. The high-quality compressor enhances energy utilization efficiency. It is an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious consumers who want to reduce their energy consumption. Seven-day no-reason return or exchange, and we also provide a one-year warranty service for free.

SOOPYK Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Cooler with Ice Maker 18lbs Daily Capability Perfect for Home Office Black (Without HOT Water)

 in stock
as of April 20, 2024 4:05 pm


  • 【BUILT-IN ICE MAKER】 - Soopyk Water Cooler Dispenser built-in ice maker makes 9 bullet ice cubes in an average of 6-8 minutes ( depending on the ambient temperature ). .It keeps ice stored in an internal storage container ready to be dispensed instantly. It can store up to 0.7lb of ice but makes up 18 lbs of ice daily. It doesn’t keep ice frozen
  • 【COLD & ROOM TEMPERATURE】- When you use our water cooler dispenser you can choose between crisp cold and room-temperature output, making it ideal for cool refreshments or toasty beverages. If you want a room-temperature water, please don’t press cold water making button. Kindly note, it DOES NOT have hot water.
  • 【BOTTOM LOADING】- Our water cooler is bottom loading to eliminate the strain of lifting, reduce spills and is suitable for 3 gallon water bottles (BOTTLE NOT INCLUDED)
  • 【AUTO SHUT OFF SYSTEM】 - If there is no enough water to make ice, the water dispenser will stop automatically. Also, it automatically stops working when ice box is filled with the ice cubes. Soopyk ice maker recycles the water after ice melts .
  • 【LCD DISPLAY】- Electronic digital control,easy to operate ice cube maker through the control panel. Multiple-functional panel Ice Full , Add Water , Cold Water and Ice-Making symbol.

FZF Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 3 in 1 Portable Ice Maker with Hot/Cold Water Dispenser, 12 Cubes in 7 Mins Stainless Steel Nugget Ice Maker, 44Lbs in 24H Ice Cube Maker for Home Bar/Camping/RV

$339.99  in stock
as of April 20, 2024 4:05 pm


  • Multifunctional Nugget Ice Maker Countertop - Countertop ice maker combined with water dispenser, truly get ices and cold water in the same machine to meet your different drinking needs. With three types, including ice cube, cold water and hot water, you won’t worry you can't enjoy cold drinks/teas/chilling beers/champagne etc in summer.
  • Quick Continuous Ice Making - This portable ice maker countertop is equipped with a high-efficient but quiet compressor that gives you 12 chewable bullet-shaped ice cubes in just 7 minutes per cycle, meeting your needs of ice. Besides, this table top ice maker machine can produce 144lbs ice in 24 hours, storing as much as 1.8 pounds of delicious ice cubes at a time, so you can enjoy fresh chilled wine, whisky, beer, juice, soda all day long.
  • Continuous Water Supply - This pebble ice makers countertop comes with a 3L water tank that can use 2,3& 5 gallon water jugs loading from the top to be filled for a continuous water supply or manually filled to minimize how often you need to refill it. The build-in basket holds 2.6lbs ice , enough to keep drinks cold all day long.
  • Smart Countertop Ice Machine - The ice maker with water dispenser holds an LCD display and is designed with touch buttons to make the this ice maker easier to use. By touch the button, you can get ice cubes, cold water or hot water. And the indicators light clearly indicates when it needs more water or the ice bucket is full. The countertop nugget ice maker has a water tanks below the ice basket, and the melted ice can be recycled and reused for next cycle of ice making, no need to drain it.
  • Ideal for Home/ Office Use - Size of tabletop ice maker is 16.9 x 10.9 x 18.8 inches, convenient and compact, this home ice maker looks good on a countertop while producing ice for whenever or wherever you need it. 45db sound level, the portable ice machine ensures a quiet environment and is ideal for your living room, bedroom, office, etc.
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Clarfey Water Dispenser with Ice Maker, 3 in 1 Water Dispense with Built-in Ice Maker, Water Cooler Dispenser for 3-5 Gallon Bottle with a Scoop, Ice-Making Chamber, Child Safety Lock, Black

$299.99  in stock
as of April 20, 2024 4:05 pm


  • 2-IN-1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: It is both a water dispenser and an ice maker, providing hot water, room temperature water, cold water and ice. Large capacity design, can hold 3-5 gallon buckets of water, easily meet your daily needs. Having this water dispenser is equivalent to having two machines, saving space.
  • CONVENIENT AND FAST: 7-15 minutes to make ice quickly and produce 9 ice cubes at a time. The interior is equipped with an ice scoop for quick and easy access to ice cubes. The control panel with indicator lights makes it easy to quickly check the status of the water dispenser. The warning indicator automatically stops and lights up when there is not enough water to make ice; when the ice is full, it automatically stops and the warning indicator changes from flashing to light.
  • CHILD SAFETY: Our water dispenser is ETL certified, hot water faucet with child safety lock to prevent accidental scalding, safety is guaranteed and the whole family can use it with confidence!
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: The water cooler dispenser runs at
  • STYLISH DESIGN AND SERVICE: Black classic appearance, suitable for various scenes, such as living room, kitchen, office, dormitory, etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to make you satisfied!

NUNET 3-in-1 Portable Water Cooler Dispenser Built-in Ice Maker Countertop 44lbs Ice Daily Top Loading 5 Gallon Water Dispenser w. 4lb Ice Storage & Stainless Steel Tumbler

$309.99  in stock
as of April 20, 2024 4:05 pm


  • 【Water Cooler Dispenser Built-in Ice Maker】NUNET water dispenser rapidly makes 0.8L steaming hot water or 2.5L crisp and ice-cold water.Nunet ice maker can make 44lbs ice cubes daily,12pcs bullet-shaped ice cubes every 6-8 minutes.It can store and dispense 4 lbs ice once,enough for your home or office use.Either for a backyard party or a business meeting,you can easily get hot water for coffee,cold water in summer or adding ice for drinks within the same machine.
  • 【Top Loading Water Dispenser with Ice Maker】Besides adding water directly(up to 0.8gal),you can also use gallon jug.Using 2,3& 5 gallon water jugs loading from the top to have continues ice/hot/cold water supply.Melted ice in the chamber can be recycled and reused for next cycle of ice making.Never run out of ice and hot/cold water with our water cooler dispenser built-in ice maker.
  • 【Easy Operation & 3 Temperatures Setting】NUNET portable water dispenser with ice machine features an easy operation panel with touch buttons.Indicators with light give you clear instruction to operate this machine.Water machine has three different water faucets:hot water(≥194℉),room temp water,and cold water(≤46℉),which meets customers' daily requirements.Use the bonus water cup with magnetic base to get water or ice for your convenience.
  • 【Quite but Powerful Icemaker】Qualified ultra quiet compressor plus hot/cold water dispenser functions make it ideal for your kitchen,living room,bedroom,office,and party use etc.It stops making ice and gets quiet thus saves energy when the ice is full.Use the included magnetic dry eraser marker to draw or leave notes on the side wall of the machine.
  • 【ETL Certify & Child Safety Lock】NUNET countertop ice machine is ETL approved,separate unlock button for hot water button ensuring safety for children.It comes with a one-year warranty,and a lifetime of friendly,knowledgeable support from a US company.

COSTWAY 2 in 1 Countertop Ice Maker Built-in Water Dispenser, 48LBS per Day, S/M/L Size Ice Cube, 5LBS Ice Storage Basket, Fast 6 Mins, Stainless Steel Ice Machine with Extendable Chilled Water Spout

$259.99  in stock
as of April 20, 2024 4:05 pm


  • ➕[2-in-1 Ice Maker and Water Dispenser] This 2 in 1 ice maker machine is equipped with extendable water spout, which can meet a variety of ice making needs and water cooling. It is convenient to let you enjoy delicious iced food and water at any time.
  • ➕[Generous Ice Production] Our countertop ice maker has a fast ice-making cycle that can last 6-10 mins. It guarantees a generous 48 LBS of fresh ice cubes each day. Melted ice can be recycled and reused for the next cycle of ice making. Its ice basket has 5 LBS ice storage and is detachable.
  • ➕[High-Quality Stainless Steel Ice Maker] Protected by a 3-layer shell, this water ice maker is of great quality. The premium compressor creates a quiet ice-making environment that will not disturb your daily activity. Besides, an ice scoop is included. Ice maker dimension is 14” x 17” x 17” (L x W x H).
  • ➕[Continuous Water supply & Manual Injection] Featuring a top base to load 2-5 gals of bottled water (not included), this ice maker guarantees a continuous water supply with unattended operation. Besides, you can also manually add water from the top base or remove the ice basket and pour the water into it. The top base has a lid to prevent dust. The water tank has a 2L capacity.
  • ➕[Easy to Use Button Control with Safe Indicator] You can turn on the ice maker and choose the ice size from small, medium and large through a button control panel. The water-shortage and ice-full indicators will remind you to add water and remove the ice to save energy and electric bills. Please remove the protective blue film before using the ice maker.
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Best Water Dispenser With Ice Maker – Buying Guides

Prior to diving right into the specifics of each ice manufacturer, it’s vital to recognize the attributes that make an ice manufacturer top quality as well as reliable. These may include ice manufacturing speed, storage ability, ice sizes and shape choices, sturdiness, and energy efficiency.
Our buying guide will cover these crucial considerations, providing a comprehensive understanding of what to seek when choosing the most effective ice manufacturer for your requirements.

Ice Production Speed

One of the primary elements to consider while choosing an ice maker is the speed of ice production. This is especially vital if you regularly hold celebrations or run a organization that calls for a constant supply of ice. Some models can creating ice in as low as six minutes, which can be a game-changer throughout a busy event or optimal dining establishment hours.

Storage space Capacity

Storage ability describes the quantity of ice the device can hold simultaneously. If you’re seeking a unit for personal use or little celebrations, a small ice manufacturer with a smaller storage space ability might suffice. On the other hand, for bigger events or commercial usage, you’ll require an ice maker with a larger storage space capacity to guarantee you do not lack ice.

Ice Shape as well as Size Options

Different drinks ask for various types of ice. Some individuals favor smashed ice for their cocktails, others may desire huge, clear cubes for scotch, or small, bullet-shaped ice for soft drinks. As a result, search for an ice maker that offers a selection of ice shape and size options to satisfy your details demands.


Durability is another vital facet to consider. An ice maker is an investment, and also you want it to last. Try to find designs that are made with high-quality materials and also have a credibility for longevity. Stainless-steel versions are often a great choice as they are rust-resistant as well as very easy to clean.

Energy Efficiency

Lastly, take into consideration the energy effectiveness of the ice maker. Much more efficient designs will eat much less electrical energy, conserving you money on energy bills in time. Energy-efficient versions are not only far better for your budget, but they are also much better for the setting.
By thinking about these factors, you can make certain that you pick an ice maker that not just fulfills your particular needs however is likewise a beneficial financial investment. In the next section, we will certainly look at details models and also examine how they compare to these vital factors to consider.

Frequently asked questions

In this FAQ section, we’ll tackle several of the most commonly asked inquiries regarding ice makers. From recognizing the various kinds of ice to keeping your machine for optimum performance, we’ll provide the solutions you need.
This information is developed to aid future ice manufacturer owners in making notified decisions regarding the appliance.

What types of ice can ice makers produce?

Ice manufacturers can produce a selection of ice types, consisting of dices, nuggets, and flakes. Cubes are typically made use of in mixed drinks and sodas. Nugget ice, also referred to as “sonic” or “chewable” ice, is soft, little, as well as best for mixed beverages or for munching. Flake ice is optimal for cooling food as well as drinks at buffet lines or in seafood screens.

How much power does an ice manufacturer consume?

The energy usage of an ice manufacturer can vary considerably depending upon its size, kind, and also version. Compact kitchen counter models commonly use less power than bigger, commercial-grade units.
If power effectiveness is a issue, search for versions that have an Energy Star rating, as these devices have actually been evaluated to satisfy strict energy effectiveness standards established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Exactly how do I clean as well as maintain my ice manufacturer?

Proper cleaning as well as upkeep are vital for maintaining your ice manufacturer in leading functioning condition. Most makers suggest cleaning the ice maker every three to 6 months. This involves clearing the ice bin, wiping down the interior with a moderate detergent, rinsing it extensively, and allowing it to air completely dry.
Some versions might have a self-cleaning feature, which simplifies the procedure. Regularly transforming water filters is additionally a great practice to keep the ice sampling fresh and the machine running efficiently.

Do I require a water line to use an ice manufacturer?

It relies on the type of ice manufacturer. Some bigger designs require a committed water line, making them better for permanent installation in a kitchen area or bar area. However, portable or countertop models commonly have a reservoir that you fill with water, enabling you to utilize them anywhere there’s a power electrical outlet.

Last Thought

Picking the very best ice maker for your particular requirements can seem daunting with the myriad of options available today. However, being equipped with the best understanding and also understanding what to try to find can make this task a lot easier.
Prioritize your requirements – whether speed of ice manufacturing is crucial, or a selection of ice sizes and shapes is much more appealing to you. Consider the longevity of the system and its power performance to guarantee you make a rewarding financial investment.
Bear in mind, the Best Water Dispenser With Ice Maker for you is the one that perfectly fits your specific requirements as well as preferences. So whether you’re a small company proprietor, a constant event host, or merely a person that loves their drinks ice-cold, there’s an ice maker out there that’s best for you. Best of luck with your acquisition, as well as right here’s to never lacking ice once more!

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