Best Whisky Ice Ball Maker

Whether you’re an ardent party host or a chilled-beverage fanatic, a excellent ice maker can be a game-changer in your everyday life. Gone are the days of rushing to the grocery store for a bag of ice. With the ideal equipment available, you can enjoy an incessant supply of ice, precisely the means you like it.
Ice manufacturers are available in a selection of designs, from portable counter top designs that are best for picnics or tiny gatherings, to larger, under-counter devices that can produce ice on an commercial scale. Several of today’s modern choices also offer smart features, like timers, self-cleaning settings, and also informs when the ice prepares or the water level is reduced.
This guide will certainly demystify the world of ice manufacturers, aiding you to understand that there’s more to these useful makers than fulfills the eye. By comprehending the numerous functions and also benefits of the Best Whisky Ice Ball Maker on the market today, you’ll be well outfitted to select the one that fits your requirements perfectly.

Best Whisky Ice Ball Maker – Quick Comparisions

When it involves ice manufacturers, a quick comparison of a few top-rated models can be an enlightening workout. Each version varies in ability, rate, type of ice it creates, as well as added features. In this area, we’ll provide a succinct comparison of top leading ice manufacturers to assist you make an educated choice.

*Note: The score is based on our AI score (Editor’s choice and rating).

ICEXXP Whiskey Ice Ball Maker, [Fill without Funnel & Easy Release] 2.2'' Round Large Ice Cube Trays with Cover, Reusable Sphere Silicone Ice Tray with Lids for Bourbon, Brandy, Gift for Whisky Lover

$11.99  in stock
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as of September 29, 2023 3:20 pm


  • [2.2” Ice Balls] Large ice ball Trays​ allow you to make 6 giant ice balls each time! whiskey ice balls are suitable for chilling your drink quickly and bigger sizes could melt slower to prevent diluting drinks to keep the original taste! Stop complaining and start using ICEXXP round ice tray design! And you will find that is the best ice sphere tray for making complete ice balls for whiskey!
  • [Easy to Fill & Better Sealing] Direct injection under the max water line and close the cover! Say goodbye to using a tiny funnel to fill water! Each ice ball maker with a removable lid for sealing, No longer worry about liquid leakage! And keeps your ice ball transparent, odor-free, dust-free! With an ice ball recipe by the chef for free, enjoy your ice-cool drink!
  • [Durable & Easy Release] Unlike the traditional silicone ice trays, these bourbon ice trays' bottom uses a combination of premium TPE and Silicone materials, Adopting a press structure to make it easier to release sphere ice cubes! With no need for clumsy bending or twisting without force! Removing a block of whole clear whisky ice balls from the big ice trays silicone isn't a tough job anymore!
  • [Odor Free & No Harmful Residue] Made of 100% food-grade silicone and PP material which are certified by LFGB and BPA free! ICEXXP large ice cube trays for whiskey with lids are safe and durable! They are odorless and reusable! No peculiar smell and harmful residues of traditional silicone ice trays! Each round ice ball maker is cleaned off quickly, you can simply put them into your dishwasher after use!
  • [Creative Uses & Good Customer Service] Ice trays for whiskey balls are great for chilling your scotch, bourbon, whiskey, brandy, cocktails, wine, coffee! If the whiskey ice cube trays didn't work well for you, please contact us and be willing to provide a better solution for every dear customer! All your questions will be replied to within 24hrs!

Large Ice Cube Tray for Whiskey: Ice Ball Maker for Cocktails - Large Ice Trays for Whisky Ice Sphere - Big Ice Cube Maker for Bourbon Square Ice

$21.99  in stock
as of September 29, 2023 3:20 pm


  • LARGE ICE CUBE TRAY WITH BIN: Each set of craft ice maker comes with a ice ball maker and a cube ice tray. You can make 8 large square ice cubes and 8 ice ball at once. With the ice bucket, you can pre-store some whiskey ice cubes in the freezer, so you'll have ice drinks ready whenever you want!
  • EASY TO USE AND RELEASE: Use a funnel to make filling water easier, press each snap tightly to increase the seal of the round ice cube maker. Big ice cube trays can be easily twisted or pushed from the bottom to remove large ice cubes for an easy release, you can get perfectly-shaped big ice cubes easily.
  • SLOW-MELTING WHISKEY ICE: Large ice cube trays for cocktails creates 2 inch large ice cubes, perfect for cooling your drinks quickly. Large sizes bourbon ice cubes melt slower to prevent diluting your drink to keep the original taste!
  • PREMIUM SILICONE LARGE ICE CUBE TRAY: Whisky ice ball maker is made of food-grade silicone and PP plastic, flexible, sturdy, durable, and dishwasher safe. It’s safe to touch food or drink directly and will not change the taste of the ice cubes.
  • VERSATILE OLD FASHIONED ICE CUBE TRAY: Ideal for parties, restaurants and holiday gifts. The sphere ice are perfect to chill your cocktails, whiskeys, bourbon, brandy, wine, coffee! Large ice cube maker is really a must for cooling drinks!

Premium Berlinzo Clear Ice Ball Maker - Whiskey Ice Ball Maker Mold Large 2.4 Inch - Crystal Clear Ice Maker Sphere - Clear Ice Cube Maker with Storage Bag - Clear Ice Mold for Ball Ice Maker

$84.95  in stock
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as of September 29, 2023 3:20 pm


  • Perfect clarity: Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker mold is the perfect choice to make clear ice in 24 hours. Long freezing time is a guarantee of success. This clear ice ball maker sphere is made with the freezing process found in nature, that makes the ice while retaining perfect clarity.
  • Large-Sized Round Ice Balls: With our clear ice ball mold maker, you can create perfectly round 2.4-inch sized balls. Toss those boring ice makers for our crystal clear ice cube maker (sphere) and see the difference.
  • Slower Melting Time: More time to enjoy your drinks with our cocktail ice ball maker machine. You no longer need to use the ice ball press for whiskey. This craft ice maker machine is the best whiskey ice maker that you have ever seen!
  • Bpa-Free Silicone Design: Our sphere ice maker is made with BPA–free silicone, making it safe for use. The advanced silicone for crystal maker is non-toxic and makes it easy to pop the ice out of the clear ice molds. Ice from the sphere ice cube maker is odorless.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: With our whiskey ice ball mold clear, you are guaranteed maximum satisfaction. With its ease of use, our clear ice sphere mold easily pops out and serves like a dream. Clear ice sphere maker is the best compliment your home bar! Bonus: Ice Storage Bag - keep stocks of ice for your party!

Sphere Ice Molds - 3 Pack Silicone Freezer Press Ice Ball Maker Mold for Large Round Craft Whisky Ice Balls - Bourbon, Scotch, Old Fashioned, Cocktail Drinks - by LEEBS

 in stock
as of September 29, 2023 3:20 pm


  • 3 PACK SPHERE ICE MOLDS - Create crystal clear spheres of perfectly formed ice for drinks and cocktails with this U.S. Patent No. D993,994 sphere ice mold 3 pack. Each large silicone ice ball mold is BPA free, measures 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5" and makes a whiskey ice ball that is 2.5" in size.
  • CHILL WITHOUT DILUTING DRINKS - If you like whiskey on the rocks then you'll love our slow melting ice balls which perfectly chill your beverage without watering it down. Prevents good drinks from getting diluted. Ideal for whisky, bourbon, fruit juice and cocktails. It makes a great valentine's day gift too.
  • TIGHT-FITTING AND LEAKPROOF - Our ball ice cube mold is made with a sturdy plastic bottom half that contains the water when flipped over to prevent spills and overflow. The stackable shape is perfect for tucking away in a corner of the freezer.
  • FLEXIBLE MODERN DESIGN - The ice sphere mold has an innovative modern design with a silicone upper half that is flexible and squeezable making it easier to remove the ice ball once frozen. You’re able to get a good grip on the tab from all 4 corners.
  • MONEY BACK PLUS GUARANTEE - If you are not completely satisfied with our round ice cube mold we will give you a full 100% refund AND YOU KEEP IT! No questions asked. We are so confident you will love your sphere ice cube mold that we are willing to give you this COMPLETELY risk free offer!

Ticent Whiskey Ice Ball Maker Crystal Clear Ice Ball Molds Large Sphere Ice Cube Trays for Whiskey, Cocktail, Brandy, Bourbon

$35.99  in stock
as of September 29, 2023 3:20 pm


  • Large Clear Ice Ball Molds - Ticent ice ball makers can create two 2. 36 inch perfectly round, crystal clear ice spheres every single time. Just fill the mold with water, freeze for a few hours and enjoy a new twist on cold, crisp refreshment.
  • Slower Melting - Ticent ice ball mold makes two 2. 36 inch large ice balls, which are bigger than standard ice cubes and retain their temperature longer - which means you can effectively chill your drink without diluting it.
  • Safe & Reliable - Made from 100% food grade silicone, BPA free, non-toxic silicone. Non-stick design makes it easy to pop your ice balls out with no effort once they are finished freezing.
  • Easy to Operate - Just fill with Warm tap water, and our crystal clear ice ball maker will do the rest - let it freeze a few hours and open it up to enjoy a refreshing chilled beverage in style.
  • 100% Satisfaction - Ticent ice ball makers comes with a 1 year and a 90-days satisfaction money back! If you're not completely satisfied, then contact us and we will give you a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase. It is our intention to offer the best customer service on

Ice Ball Maker, TINANA Reusable 2.5 Inch Ice Cube Trays, Easy Release Silicone Round Ice Sphere Tray with Lids & Funnel for Whiskey, Cocktails & Bourbon

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as of September 29, 2023 3:20 pm


  • [MAKE 2.5” LARGE ICE BALLS]: The diameter of each cavity is 2.5inch, the size of the entire tray is 8.5*6*2.5inch. Ice tray is great to make 6 large ice spheres at one time. Perfect sized ice balls are really nice touch for cocktails or other beverages. They are fantastic round ice cube trays!
  • [SLOW-MELTING ICE CUBES]: Circle ice cube tray is perfect for summer delicacies, such as whiskey drinks, cocktail, fruit juice, iced coffee and more. Large whiskey ice cubes melt slowly are perfect to keep your drinks cold. Silicone ice cube tray is really a must for cooling drinks!
  • [EASY TO FILL & LEAK-PROOF]: Please fill ball ice cube tray with the bonus funnel, press all the buckles tightly to get full ice balls. Ice sphere comes out of the form pretty well and rarely cracks. Round ice cube maker is an awesome alternative to traditional plastic ice ball trays.
  • [DURABLE & STACKABLE Ball Ice Maker]: The ice ball maker features silicone and PP plastic design which is durable and sturdy. Craft ice maker is super easy to clean, just put it in your dishwashers. Perfect stackable spherical ice cube tray save lots of space in your freezer.
  • [CUSTOMER SUPPORTS]: We are devoted to provide high quality products and favorable customer services. TINANA 2.5inch whiskey ice cube trays are well made and top quality. Please remember to wash in hot water before the first using. Please feel free to contact us via Amazon if you have any problem with our ice sphere maker.

Ticent Ice Cube Trays (Set of 2), Silicone Sphere Whiskey Ice Ball Maker with Lids & Large Square Ice Cube Molds for Cocktails & Bourbon - Reusable & BPA Free

$9.95  in stock
2 used from $9.19
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as of September 29, 2023 3:20 pm


  • Not-stick design, easy to release - Remove ice from the ice cube tray isn't a tough job anymore. Unlike the traditional stiff plastic trays, these molds are easily removable that anyone can remove or release the ice cubes from the mold with the ease. Just twist the mold, and you'll have the chilled drink
  • Sphere ice ball mold - Creates 6 large 1.75 inch ice spheres. Great for whiskey, cocktails, making popsicles, icing your Coffee, infusing fruit or herbs. Try infusing mint for that perfect Mojito or strawberries for that delicious lemonade
  • Square ice cube trays - Ticent ice trays create 6 giant 2" Ice cubes. More than a novelty, they melt/dilute more slowly, making them ideal for Scotch, BOURBON or blended whiskey
  • Safe & Reliable - Made from 100% food grade silicone, BPA free. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Slower melting, long cooling: Our large ice balls and cubes melt slower than your average ice cube, allowing you a more flavorful drink experience. Stop watering down your favorite drinks & Start using our giant ice balls design

Best Whisky Ice Ball Maker – Buying Guides

Purchasing an ice maker can be a considerable investment, so it’s vital to know what to search for prior to taking the plunge.
This acquiring overview will delve into essential elements to consider, such as ice manufacturing and also storage space capacity, power performance, simplicity of use, and also upkeep needs. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll get on your method to picking an ice maker that ideal suits your demands.

Ice Production and also Storage Capacity

When picking an ice maker, among the very first variables to think about is its ice production as well as storage space capacity. This statistics is generally gauged in extra pounds per day. If you frequently organize big events or run a company that needs a constant supply of ice, opt for a version with a high result. On the other hand, if you only need ice for periodic drinks in your home, a reduced capacity model would be adequate.
One more crucial aspect to take into consideration is the storage space capability, which suggests the amount of ice the device can store at a offered time. Remember that storage capability is commonly lower than manufacturing capability. If you make use of ice occasionally throughout the day, an ice maker with a huge storage container would certainly be valuable.

Energy Efficiency

Ice manufacturers can eat a substantial amount of power, so it’s important to consider energy effectiveness when making your choice. Examine the Energy Star rating of the device, as a greater rating indicates better power efficiency. Not only will this minimize your environmental influence, yet it can additionally lead to substantial financial savings on your power expenses gradually.

Type of Ice

Ice manufacturers can generate various sorts of ice, consisting of bullet, nugget, dice, as well as flake. The selection depends upon your intake behaviors. As an example, if you take pleasure in cocktails or want to chill your drinks swiftly, the Best Whisky Ice Ball Maker that generates nugget or flake ice would certainly be suitable. On the other hand, for general household use, bullet or cube ice might be preferable.

Reduce of Use and also Maintenance

A easy to use ice manufacturer can make your life less complicated. Try to find devices with intuitive controls, self-cleaning functions, and clear instructions. Additionally, think about upkeep aspects like the ease of cleansing and also the availability of changeable components.

Sound Level

While ice makers aren’t well-known for being loud, some models can be louder than others. If you’re delicate to noise or strategy to use the device in a peaceful atmosphere, consider examining the sound degree prior to making a purchase.
In conclusion, getting the excellent ice manufacturer involves a cautious consideration of a selection of elements. Prioritize functions that straighten with your demands and also use habits for the best experience.


Icing beverages or producing a cooled atmosphere for your cocktail party does not need to be a hassle any longer. With an suitable ice manufacturer, you can make certain a constant supply of ice in your recommended sizes and shape, finest matched for your demands. It’s everything about understanding the capacity, energy efficiency, type of ice produced, as well as just how straightforward the tool is.

Q1: How much power do ice makers typically consume?

Ice makers, like any other appliance, consume power based on their ability as well as usage. Larger, commercial-grade ice equipments might eat a considerable amount of energy, specifically if they run continually. Nevertheless, smaller, property versions are commonly developed with power effectiveness in mind and consume substantially much less power.
An efficient means to recognize the power consumption of an ice maker is to seek its Energy Star score. Appliances with a high Energy Star ranking are much more energy-efficient, implying they make use of much less power to execute their jobs. This can result in lower power expenses and a decreased environmental impact.

Q2: Can I manage the dimension of the ice in my ice manufacturer?

Yes, lots of ice manufacturers provide the option to regulate the size of the ice. This function is particularly beneficial for those who wish to customize their ice to suit numerous drink types. Big ice cubes are suitable for slow-cooling drinks without overly diluting them, while smaller cubes or smashed ice might be preferred for quick-cooling beverages or making healthy smoothies as well as mixed drinks.
Nonetheless, it’s crucial to keep in mind that not all ice makers offer this attribute. Consequently, if this is a critical factor for you, guarantee to inspect the item specifications or speak with the manufacturer before purchasing.

Q3: What do I do if my ice maker quits making ice?

If your ice maker quits creating ice, maybe due to a number of factors. The most usual problems are a absence of water system, a complete ice container, or a clogged up water filter.
In such instances, first, inspect if the ice manufacturer is attached to a water resource which the water system is turned on. If the ice container is full, remove some ice to enable the equipment to proceed producing extra. If the water filter is clogged, it will certainly need to be cleaned or changed.
If none of these issues are present, or if the equipment still does not work after resolving them, it’s suggested to consult with a expert or connect to the supplier’s customer service.

Q4: How often should I clean my ice manufacturer?

Routine cleansing of your ice manufacturer is crucial to guarantee it operates optimally and also creates top quality ice. The frequency of cleaning depends on just how typically you utilize the maker and the sort of water you make use of. If you utilize tough water, you may need to cleanse the equipment much more regularly as a result of mineral build-up.
Generally of thumb, for household ice makers, cleansing every three to six months is usually advised. Nonetheless, you ought to constantly refer to the supplier’s instructions for certain cleaning standards. Routine cleansing not just assists preserve the effectiveness of the equipment yet also makes sure the ice created is tidy as well as secure to consume.

Last Thought

Buying the ideal ice maker can be a game-changer for your kitchen or home entertainment room. It’s not just about having a consistent supply of ice; it’s regarding the ease, the energy cost savings, and also the ability to customize your ice to your preferences. Remember, the Best Whisky Ice Ball Maker for you depends upon your individual demands and also use behaviors.
Whether you’re a cocktail enthusiast seeking nugget ice, a household that uses ice consistently in drinks, or a business owner trying to find a high-capacity, energy-efficient model, there’s an ice manufacturer available that’s the excellent fit for you.
Do your research study, compare versions and also functions, as well as make an informed decision that will maintain your beverages cooled as well as your guests happy. And also, with correct upkeep and also normal cleaning, your ice manufacturer will serve you well for years to come. Pleased cooling!

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