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Picking a juicer should not be rivaling calculus in the level of complexity. In a globe where we’re bewildered with info and choices, simpleness is often more than a virtue– it’s a necessity. For those of us yearning to bring the bright, raw ruptured of freshness into our day-to-days live, the juicer is both an interesting and important financial investment. So, here’s my dish for looking with the aisles to select a juicer that completely mixes with your way of life.

Juicer Machine Watts – Total Testimonial As Well As Acquiring Guide

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Cold Press Juicer, 5.4" Extra Large Feed Chute Fit Whole Fruits & Vegetables, 350W Professional Slow Masticating Juicer Machines, Easy to Clean

$129.99  in stock
as of June 2, 2024 4:28 am


  • 【5.4inch Reversible Feed Chute】You can directly add whole apples and vegetables to the feed chute, saving your time and increasing juice efficiency.
  • 【50rpm Slow Cold Press Tech】Our juicer machine rotates at 50rpm, reducing clogging and producing less sediment. It locks in freshness and nutrition, maintaining the natural state of the juice.
  • 【3.1x5.5in Auto-cutting Auger】The food-grade spiral auger is more durable and corrosion-resistant. It can extract every drop of deep nutrition from fruits and vegetables, reducing clogging and providing you with health and vitality.
  • 【99% High Juice Yield】This 350W masticating juicer machine can efficiently extract juice with a high juice yield of 99%, resulting in less pulp and a smooth taste.
  • 【Easy to Assemble & Disassemble】The cold press juicer has a simple one-piece design with only 3 components, allowing it to be assembled in just 5 seconds. You can simply press a button to remove the body of the juicer and quickly remove stains.
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Juicer Machines, Juilist 3" Wide Mouth Juicer Extractor Max Power 800W, for Vegetable and Fruit with 3-Speed Setting, 400W Motor, Easy to Clean

 in stock
2 new from $36.70
4 used from $35.23
Free shipping
as of June 2, 2024 4:28 am


  • 【New and Improved】Our Newest Centrifugal Juicer brings a better user experience. Customizable juicing filter provides more juicing possibilities. Optimized motor technology for better juice yield and nutrition.
  • 【Are you tired of long juicing times? 】The juicer machine's high-speed max power can reach 800Wmotor juices fruit and vegetable faster(within 8 secs) and with more vitamins and tastier results than a traditional one. 3'' wide feed chute for various fruits & vegetables, completely liberate your hand. Reducing prep time to get the delicious juice.
  • 【Are you looking for a juicer with a juice yield that takes up little counter space?】The compact design takes up little room on your countertop. After repeated tests in the laboratory, the juice yield of our juicer extracts up to 26% more juice and 36% more vitamins and minerals than other 800w juicers.
  • 【Are you a novice in the kitchen and looking for a juicer that’s easy to use?】one-button control, easy to assemble, and easy to use.
  • 【Want cleanup after juicing to be a breeze?】 With a brush to clean juicing filter, dishwasher-safe accessories free from BPA and PFOAs, cleanup will never feel like a chore.

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, Big Mouth Large 3” Feed Chute for Whole Fruits and Vegetables, Easy to Clean, Centrifugal Extractor, BPA Free, 800W Motor, Black

$69.85  in stock
16 used from $34.38
Free shipping
as of June 2, 2024 4:28 am


  • MAKE FRESH HEALTHY JUICE IN SECONDS: Transform whole fruits and vegetables into nutritious juice in seconds with this fruit and vegetable juicer. The stainless steel micromesh filter strains away pulp and seeds for smooth, nutritious juice every time. Juice cup not included
  • SAVE TIME and EFFORT: The extra-large 3 inch Big Mouth chute on the fruit juicer lets you easily add whole foods without precutting. This reduces prep time to save time and effort in the kitchen.
  • MAXIMUM JUICE YIELD: Juice everything from apples and celery to dense beets and leafy greens. The powerful 800 watt motor ensures maximum juice yield for less waste and more flavorful juice, and the simple on/off button is easy to use.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Cleaning up after you juice is easy. The juice extractor comes with a convenient strainer cleaning brush, and the pulp bin, juice bowl, lid and pusher are all dishwasher safe.
  • INCLUDES A 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: This durable fruit and juice machine is backed by Hamilton Beach, America's juice extractor brand,* with a 3 year limited warranty.

Qcen Juicer Machine, 500W Centrifugal Juicer Extractor with Wide Mouth 3” Feed Chute for Fruit Vegetable, Easy to Clean, Stainless Steel, BPA-free (Black)

 in stock
7 used from $35.57
Free shipping
as of June 2, 2024 4:28 am


  • Upgraded 500W Motor - Centrifugal juicer machine with upgraded 500W high speed motor, more efficient and powerful, last much longer than other competitor. 3” wide mouth will save your time on cut everything into small sticks.
  • Dual Speed Juicer Machine - Juicer Machine with 2 speed control(12000-18000 RPM), "1" low speed for soft fruits and veg, such as watermelon, orange, strawberry etc. “2” high speed for some hard fruits and veg, such as carrot, apple, pear etc.
  • Centrifugal Juicer with Wide Mouth - Centrifugal juicers have a wide mouth to feed your fruits and veggies into, Save your time on chopping and cutting the fruits and vegetables before juicing.
  • Safety Design and Easy to Clean - Juicer Extractor with locking system arm, it will not work without cover locked into place. Overload protection system will switch off machine once overheating occurs. Detachable parts makes it easy to clean!
  • To remove filter basket, please grasp the edge of the filter basket and pull up. Notice: Avoid trying to juice things with a low water content.


  • 【This Powerful Monster!】Featured with a all-copper motor which can reach 1300w peak power and a high-density stainless steel mesh filter, AMEGAT juicer can extract juice in just 4s, 5 times that of a slow juicer and 1 times that of a 400w juicer. Moreover, this juicer machine has a high juice yield while it ensures the nutrients in the juice are not destroyed while spinning out at high speed.
  • 【Reduces Preparation Time】The 3.2" wide mouth feed chute fits a whole fruit like an apple without precutting, reducing the preparation time. Drop the fruits and veggies in and then juice them out. Go directly to enjoy a glass of fresh and delicious juice in the shortest possible time.
  • 【2 Speed Mode】"1" is low speed for softer fruits like oranges, watermelon and blueberries; "2" is high speed for harder fruits like carrots, celery, beets, kale. Different juicing modes provide optimal juice yield for different fruits and vegetables.
  • 【Clean like a Breeze】All parts of this juicer extractor are very easy to disassemble and clean. Each AMEGAT juice and vegetable extractor set comes with a hard-bristled cleaning brush to help you clean the machine better and easier.
  • 【Perfect Pure Taste】The juice cup contains a foam separator inside, which can effectively separate the juice from the foam when pouring it out, ensuring its pure, foam-free and delicious taste. And the cup can hold 1000ml (33.8oz) of juice at one juicing time.

1000W 5 Speeds LCD Screen Centrifugal Juicer Machines Vegetable and Fruit, Regenerate Juice Extractor with Big 3" Wide Mouth, Anti-drip Compact Juice Maker, Easy Clean, High Juice Yield, BPA Free

 in stock
as of June 2, 2024 4:28 am


  • 【Centrifugal Extraction System】1200W turbo motor with food grade sharp blades squeeze more than 30% juice, 40% vitamins and minerals in seconds. Juice yield of power juicer extractor up to 85%. Mesh filter ensures nutrients from all parts of fruits and vegetables get into juice while minimizing pulp, filtering seeds and separating foam. Zero depletion technology brings highly concentrated fresh juice and delivers cleaner output.
  • 【3-speed Pulse Function】3 custom settings for easy maximum juice extraction from fruits and vegetables, "LOW" (10000 rpm - 15000 rpm) for soft foods: grapes, tomatoes, melons, citrus, cucumbers; "HIGH "(15000 rpm - 22000 rpm) for hard foods: apples, carrots, garlic, potatoes. Choose from 35 speeds of centrifugal juicer machine to best suit your kitchen needs. Enjoy your smooth drink with the 34oz Lid Juice Jar.
  • 【Humanized Juicer Design】Juice extractor with 3" wide & 8" high feed chute holds whole fruit or vegetable without slicing or wasting more time cutting food. The design below 60dB keeps family away from the noise. Advanced digital technology and durable materials: stainless steel construction, large pulp collector and cleaning brush to remove fibers from titanium juicing mesh. Using BPA free Tritan material.
  • 【Convenience & Hygiene Insurance】Removable parts (centrifuge bowl, pulp holder, base) are dishwasher free. Clean the blade base easily with the professional cleaning brush that comes with it. Made of stainless steel, anti-corrosion sharp blades and precision filter, electric juicer extracts 20% more juice, 10% more vitamins and minerals than others.
  • 【Safety Use Guarantee】Non-slip rubber feet keep juicer machine from vibrating. Safety lock ensures safe and reliable use. If the motor overheats due to unstable power supply, improper assembly, idling, etc., the overload protection system will automatically shut down to protect motor and prolong the service life of the product. As a safe, efficient and high-quality appliance, Regenerate juicer is ETL certified.

Juicer Machine, 1200W Juicer with 3" Feed Chute for Whole Fruits and Veg, Dual Speeds Centrifugal Juice Extractor, High Juice Yield, Full Copper Motor, Easy to Clean, BPA Free (Black)

$79.99  in stock
as of June 2, 2024 4:28 am


  • 【1200W POWERFUL MOTOR】Centrifugal juicer is equipped with an upgraded 1200W high-speed full-copper motor, more efficient and powerful. The juicer machine can easily produce fruits and vegetables juices in just a few seconds, you can get 75% more juice and 60% more vitamins and minerals.
  • 【3IN LARGE FEED CHUTE】Juicer unique 3" extra wide chute feed allows you to juice whole fruits and vegetables. Reduces your time on prep-cutting and post-cleaning.
  • 【3 SPEED FUNCTIONS】"Low" is for soft fruits vegs, such as watermelon, oranges, strawberries, etc. "High" is for hard fruits vegs, such as carrots, apples, pears, etc. "OFF" : The juicer can be stopped at any time and get the juice.
  • 【HIGH JUICE YIELD】The combination of 304 stainless steel high density filter in the juicer and corrosion resistant multi-blade ensures high juice yield. After repeated tests in the lab, our centrifugal juicers produces 25% higher juice yield and 35% more vitamins than other machine.
  • 【LARGE CAPACITY】Our centrifugal juicer machines come with a 22oz juice cup and a 65oz pulp container, you can make juice for your family at one time. The large BPA-free juice cup with a built-in foam separator to reduce clogging and foaming.
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1. Centrifugal vs. Chomping Juicers: The Terrific Removal Discussion

Envision two gladiators entering the sector, each with their special toughness. The centrifugal juicer is the faster of both, zealously extracting juice within secs, but its thermal heat could compromise the nutritional value. On the other side, the chomping juicer is slow but mighty, squeezing healthful nectar with every turn, maintaining more nutrients but typically at a higher rate of time.
My Take
For the speedsters, the centrifugal juicers match the busy that check out juicing as a job to squeeze in (pun intended) in between activities, while the masticating juicers, with their silent and stable spin, satisfy the connoisseurs that value the procedure as much as the item.

2. Take into consideration the Clean-up: Post-Juicing Bliss or Job?

The happiness of a fresh made juice can swiftly be shadowed by the thought of disassembling and rubbing down your juicer. Time is one of the most priceless asset, and the mins we put right into prep and cleaning can typically seem like we’re paying in gold.
My Take
In the eternal balance in between ease and commitment, I am a supporter of considering the cleansing procedure a vital part of the juicing experience. Go with designs that are dishwasher-friendly or function elements with user-friendly, non-complex buildings.

3. Juicing Goals: Health And Wellness or Extravagance?

Are you wanting to strengthen your health and wellness with environment-friendly concoctions, or are you more of a Sunday early morning orange juice sort of individual? The sorts of vegetables and fruits you intend to juice will certainly determine the sort of equipment you need.
My Take
As a wellness lover that can additionally appreciate a weekend treat, it is necessary to have a juicer functional sufficient to deal with both requirements. Seek juicers that can deal with a variety of fruit and vegetables without battling or jamming.

4. Noise Level: Peace in the Morning, Cost At Any Moment

A deafening whir typically goes along with the juicing process, especially for those utilizing centrifugal juicers. It’s a factor to consider for those who share living areas and especially for morning risers.
My Take
While I think certain sounds are the tune of productivity, when it concerns the kitchen area, harmony with your household’s everyday rhythms is important. Quieter chomping juicers might give the tranquility you require to reduce into the day without sacrificing your dietary program.

Final thought: Picking Your Fluid Ally

Inevitably, the juicer you select ought to be a representation of your own distinct narrative with not just food, however time, wellness, indulgence, and personal peace. Look past the sleek advertising and marketing and buzzwords, and concentrate on how your juicer will fit– or interrupt– your life’s flow. For those in search of dynamic wellness, benefit, and cooking expedition, the juicer standing stoically on your cooking area counter may be among one of the most well-balanced selections you make. It’s not just a vessel for liquid environment-friendlies, it’s a green light to a much healthier and more linked presence. Thanks to that– or should I state, juice to that!

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