Orfeld Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

For the health mindful or the flavour fanatic, the decision to embrace a juicer is as much a way of life dedication as it is a cooking one. As an ever-growing parade of environment-friendly sirens and crimson potions load our feeds, the inquiry isn’t about if we need to juice, but rather, exactly how to squeeze one of the most out of the experience.
Beginners often topple down the juicer rabbit hole, dazzled by smooth styles and considerable price tags, only to emerge with a device that doesn’t quite align with their juicing dreams. So, order a seat, a glass of your preferred juice, and allow’s navigate the verdant terrain of juicer selection with each other.

Orfeld Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor – Complete Testimonial And Purchasing Overview

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Slow Masticating Juicer,Brecious Cold Press Juicer with 2 Speed Modes & Quiet Motor,Juicer Machines Vegetable and Fruit with Reverse Function,Celery Juicer,BPA-Free,Easy to Clean (Black)

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as of May 2, 2024 11:02 pm


  • COLD PRESS SLOW JUICERS: The Brecious Slow Masticating Juicers features slow cold press technology, a quieter powerful motor, and a 90% high juice yield to retain more nutrients and vitamins. The Brecious Masticating Juicer Machines uses upgraded 7 auger grinds for maximum juice yield, minimum oxidation and maximum nutrient retention.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION BUTTON: Different buttons correspond to different kinds of food. Simply, choose the mode according to the hardness of the fruits and vegetables to get high yield juices!
  • POWERFUL MOTOR & LESS NOISE: The Brecious Cold Press Juicers has a powerful and quieter motor for really fresh juice that tastes better. During the working process Brecious slow juicers produces less than 60DB noise which will not disturb sleep.
  • 3-SECTION SUPER FLITER & REVERSE FUNCTION: The Super Filter maximises the amount of juice available through 3 different sized holes, and the smaller holes ensure that the juice is silky smooth and enhances the taste of the drink. The Reverse Function also makes it easy to solve clogging problems during the juicing process.
  • EASY to USE & CLEAN: Easy to assemble. One-touch Disassemble. Press a button to remove the juicer body simply. We have equipped brushes for cleaning. All of the detachable parts can be sink rinsed with the brush. In addition, all detachable components can be placed in the dishwasher.
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Cold Press Juicer, Amumu Slow Masticating Machines with 5.3" Extra Large Feed Chute Fit Whole Fruits & Vegetables Easy Clean Self Feeding Effortless for Batch Juicing, High Juice Yield, BPA Free 250W

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as of May 2, 2024 11:02 pm


  • FITS WHOLE-SIZED FRUITS: Our Fully upgraded 5.3-inch feed chute is 3 times larger than normal. You can now add whole-sized apples without chopping them up. Juice more and save time.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND CLEAN: The Amumu masticating juicer machines features a simple one-piece design that is easy to assemble and clean, and can be easily cleaned in just 5 minutes with the included specialized brush for a hassle-free cleanse and the fresh juice!
  • EFFICIENT HIGH YIELD: Our 250 watt juicer utilizes slow-speed cold press technology to extract a high yield of vitamins, nutrients, and juice. Experience the benefits of efficient juicing and maximize your juice yield for a truly satisfying juicing experience.
  • SLOW SQUEEZE TECHNOLOGY: The cold press juicer rotates at only 43 RPM, mimicking hand-held squeezing. Amumu's unique technology preserves the natural state of juice, locking in freshness and nutrients. Enjoy the benefits of slow extraction with high-quality, long-lasting freshness.
  • ENSURE YOUR SAFETY: The feed chute supports you to put the whole fruit into the slow juicer, which can reduce your preparation time. Also, the machine stops working when you leave the lid of the feed chute open, making it safer for children.

ECOSELF Juicer Machines, Cold Press Juicer with 4.35” Wide Mouth, Whole Fruit Juicer, Slow Masticating Juicer for Vegetable and Fruit, Self Feeding, High Juice Yield, Easy to Clean with Brush, Black

$99.99  in stock
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as of May 2, 2024 11:02 pm


  • 【4.35" Feed Chute & Compact Design】Our upgraded 4.35" inch large feed chute is larger than normal, while the size is smaller. You can juice whole fruits and vegetables without chopping. Moreover, the slow juicer doesn't take up too much space on a kitchen counter, which fits for a small kitchen, and can be carried to any part of the kitchen easily.
  • 【Powerful Motor & Efficient High Yield】With a High-power motor, our cold press juicer separates the pulp from the juice well, providing you with purer, better-tasting juice. Cold press technology maximizes the retention of nutrients and reduces oxidation, extracting a high yield of vitamins for your satisfying juicing experience.
  • 【Easy to Assemble & Clean】Our ECOSELF masticating juicier features a hopper & screen integrated design, which can be easily assembled and disassembled in minutes. Except for the motor base, other parts can be quickly cleaned with water, with an included brush for a hassle-free cleanse.
  • ⭕【One-button Operation & Safety Design】It is easy to operate with a simply rotating button. You can enjoy fresh juice with ease. And the reverse function helps prevent clogging. ✔️The juice maker will automatically stop working if the cover is open accidentally while juicing, which is safer for children.
  • 【Warranty Service & Brand Story】We provide 12 months of warranty services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems. We will reply to you within 24 hours. ECOSELF is committed to providing customers with better service and shopping experience.

Elite Gourmet EJX600 Compact Small Space-Saving Masticating Slow Juicer, Cold Press Juice Extractor, Nutrient and Vitamin Dense, BPA-Free Tritan, Easy to Clean, 16 oz Juice Cup, Charcoal Grey

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  • HIGH-TORQUE & LOW SPEED quietly spins at 70 RPM to masticate and squeeze deep nutrition out of fruits and veggies.
  • TALL FEED CHUTE made of BPA-Free Tritan accommodates various fruits and vegetables. Simply prepare hard vegetables or fruits to 3/4-inch size to prevent jamming.
  • ULTRA COMPACT SIZE yet durable with its heavy-duty auger providing superior juicing efficiency for healthy living and space saving. Includes a 16 oz juice cup and separate pulp container.
  • MAKE HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS JUICES directly from the source. Extract nutrient and vitamin dense juice with minimal effort.
  • EASILY SEPARATE JUICE & PULP from the juice and extract fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and wheatgrass.
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Masticating Juicer Machines, 4.1-inch(104mm) Powerful Slow Cold Press Juicer with Large Feed Chute, Electric Masticating Juicers for Vegetables and Fruits, Easy to Clean with Brush

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9 used from $81.78
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as of May 2, 2024 11:02 pm


  • 【Slow Cold Press Juice】The juicer cold-pressed at low speed to extend the shelf life of the juice, while preserving the nutrients and enzymes in the juice.
  • 【80rpm Slow Juicing】The cold press juicer machine operates at 80 rpm, allowing for the gentle extraction and separation of pulp at a low speed. This process effectively reduces clogging and sediment, resulting in juice purity of up to 99%.
  • 【Safe Rotary Feed Chute】The 4.1inch(104MM) larger feed chute allows you to skip the pre-cutting process, reducing your preparation time. The safe rotary feed chute prevents hands from entering, making it safer, especially for children.
  • 【Slag Juice Separation】Due to the slow pressing, the juicer machine doesn't damage the cell walls, which helps reduce oxidation and sediment, resulting in juice that has a better taste and higher purity.
  • 【Powerful Masticating Technology】The 3.2x6.3inch (80x160mm) spiral auger can effectively grind fruit and vegetable fibers, reducing juicer machine tangling and clogging, reducing bubble formation, and increasing juice extraction rate by 30%.

AHNR Cold Press Juicer Machines,300W Slow Masticating Juicer Machines Vegetable and Fruit with 3.54" Large Feed Chute, Electric Juicer Machines Cold Pressed, Reverse Function Easy to Clean with Brush

$129.99  in stock
as of May 2, 2024 11:02 pm


  • 【90MM Large Dual Mouth Feed Chute】Masticating juicer machines is designed with auto turning dual feed chute, which can reduce the tedious work of manual flipping. 99mm large feed chute supports whole fruits to be put in directly without cutting, which greatly saves preparation time. 50MM small feed chute for fruit and vegetables in strips to be put directly into. The masticating juicer machine is also equipped with a booster, which can help you easily push the fruits into the juicing area without effort, safer and more efficient.
  • 【7 Stage Upgraded Spiral Auger】The 7-stage spiral Cold press juicer machine is able to fully grind fruits and vegetables to extract more vitamins and minerals. Both hard fruits and soft tender vegetables can be easily processed by it to maximize the juice output and achieve high juice yield of up to 96%. Compared with traditional juicers, the 7-stage auger system effectively reduces clogging and the production of air bubbles in the juice, retaining more vitamins and minerals.
  • 【Powerful Cold Pressing Technology】Cold press juicer machine uses low-speed cold pressing technology with a 300W power motor running at 60RPM, which is able to reduce heat generation and oxidation. During the slow squeezing process, it effectively reduces the destruction of nutrients in fruits and vegetables.
  • 【Slag Juice Separation】The pulp separation function of juicer machines cold pressed can perfectly separate the juice from the filter pulp, so you don't have to worry about the pulp mixing into the juice. You can get fresh juice and nutritious pulp at the same time. The juice outlet of juicer machines is designed with a sliding lid, which can easily control the amount of juice by just gently sliding, to meet your different drinking needs. This design prevents juice spills and drips and keeps your kitchen clean and tidy.
  • 【Reverse Function & Safety Protection】Cold press juicer has a reverse function that effectively prevents clogging. If tangling problems occur, they can be easily solved by simply pressing and holding the REV button. The juicer machine is equipped with an intelligent protection chip to ensure your safety when using it. When the machine is overheated it will automatically stop working to avoid accidents. The safety lock system ensures that the juicer can only operate after the correct installation is completed, effectively preventing misuse.
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SiFENE Cold Press Juicer Machine, Compact, Quiet, Easy to Clean Slow Masticating Juicer with Dual Feed Chute, High Yield Juice Maker for Fruits and Vegetables, No Clogging, Grey

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as of May 2, 2024 11:02 pm


  • 【Non-Stop Juicing, No Clogs】Experience uninterrupted, clog-free juicing with our Slow Juicer Gen 2's dual chute system. Its positive pressure spiral effect allows for simultaneous feeding and pushing of ingredients for maximum yield in minimal time.
  • 【Dual Feed Chute for Efficiency】Save time with our dual feed chute design, enabling quick and effective juicing of fruits and vegetables. Enjoy fresh juice faster than ever.
  • 【Maximized Flavor & Nutrients】Our cold press juicer extracts the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, and flavor from minimal amounts of fruits, veggies, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. Minimize oxidation and maximize freshness with our low-speed, high-yield process.
  • 【Smart Juice Cap & Safe Operation】Our juicer features a smart juice cap that ensures even mixing for better flavor. With 110 RPMs and overheat protection mechanisms, you'll enjoy quiet, safe operation.
  • 【Compact Design & Easy to Clean】Easy to store and fitting under cabinets with ease, our juicer also makes cleaning a breeze with removable parts and low pulp residues. Use the dishwasher or the included brush for a hassle-free experience.

Know Thyself and Thy Fruit

Before you look into the thrilling world of blades and motors, take a moment to comprehend what kind of juicer your lifestyle demands. Are you an everyday juicer fanatic, or does a regular batch suit your routine far better? Do you choose the velvety structure of a nut milk or the refreshing zing of a citrus dash? Your juicing intentions form the course in advance, leading you to the centrifugal, masticating, or triturating worlds.

The Decibel Predicament: Sound vs. Material

As you stand in the juicer aisle of your local home items shop, it’s very easy to overlook the relevance of sound. Yet, the decibel level of your juicer can make the difference in between a calm early morning ritual and a rowdy wake-up telephone call. If you’re an early riser in a family of snoozers, select a quieter design. Nevertheless, the purity of your juice ought to be matched by the peacefulness of its extraction.

Style and Detox: Aesthetics and Cleanliness

The allure of a juicer exceeds its function; it’s a countertop statement, an essential component of your cooking area visual. But beauty shouldn’t overtake tidiness. Those with elaborate components can be a job to dismantle and wash, causing a disregarded home appliance. Seek a style that not only pleases your eye but likewise respects your effort and time.

Power to individuals: Electric Motor Muscle Mass

The motor is the heart of the juicer, and equally as we value the strength of our very own heart, we need to seek a juicer with sufficient muscle mass to tackle our regimen. Hardcore greens and challenging origins require a robust electric motor that doesn’t flinch at the possibility of a thick kale fallen leave. Pick intelligently, for a juicer that struggles now makes certain to sputter later on.

The Cost Press: Investment or Expense?

In the fast-paced globe of kitchen area gadgets, the juicer is no affordable squeeze. However, the cost isn’t simply gauged in money, yet in the worth it contributes to your life. A strong juicer can be a lasting investment in your health and wellness and health. Take into consideration the price as a representation of the top quality and durability you’re paying for, not just the pressing device.
Browsing the juicer market can be daunting, however armed with your individual juicing profile, a respect for noise, a desire for a clean equipment, an admiration for power, and a readiness to spend, you’ll emerge not just with a juicer however with a newly found power to nurture and energise your body, every dynamic sip of the means. Bear in mind, juicing is a transformative journey, and your juicer should be a steadfast buddy on the path to wellness and vigor.

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