Kitchenaid Juicer Machine

Browsing the world of juicers can seem like being at sea without a compass. Should you go centrifugal or masticating, high-speed or low? As somebody who begins the day with a glass of sunlight and swears by the vitality from fresh squeezed juice, locating the appropriate juicer wasn’t just a selection– it was a quest. Right here’s my take on the art of juicer choice, one that stabilizes function with the juicing experience.

Kitchenaid Juicer Machine – Full Review And Purchasing Overview

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Gvode Masticating Juicer Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixer, Cold Press Juicer Machine, Slow Masticating Juicer Attachment with Dual Feed Chute, As kitchen Aid Slow Juicer Attachment

$49.99  in stock
as of March 31, 2024 6:18 pm


  • The juicer attachment for kitchen aid features a compact design that takes up minimal space, making it an excellent choice for both home kitchens. The juicer attachment for kitchen aid is made of high-quality plastics and crafted with precision, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  • This kitchenaid mixer attachments boasts a dual-feed chute design, featuring two different sizes of openings - 1.5 inches and 2 inches. By squeezing through the auger, this attachment effortlessly separates juice and pomace, resulting in high-quality and flavorful juice. Additionally, the fresh fruit pomace generated can be used as a nourishing fertilizer for cultivating beautiful flowers.
  • The juicer attachment for kitchen aid enables simultaneous juicing of vegetables and fruits, ensuring effortless operation. Utilizing slow-pressure juicing technology, it extracts juice from a variety of produce like apples, oranges, carrots, and celery, offering high nutrition and delectable taste. Its compact design and efficient extraction process maximize nutrient retention, providing pure and nutritious juice with high juice yield, minimal oxidation, and optimal health benefits.
  • The juicer kitchenaid attachment includes essential accessories such as the Food Pusher, Main Juicer Body, Filter, Auger, and End Cap. For optimal cleaning and maintenance, we recommend hand-washing these detachable parts. This ensures that the kitchenaid mixer attachments remains in top condition and extends its lifespan. Regular hand-washing prevents any build-up or residue, guaranteeing hassle-free maintenance and long-lasting performance.
  • The Gvode Masticating Juicer Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixer is user-friendly and provides an exceptional juicing experience. It is made with high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting performance. We also offer a one-year warranty, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We are always to assist you.
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Masticating Juicer Accessories, Gdrtwwh Juicer Machines Attachments Compatible with All KitchenAid Stand Mixers and Cuisinart SM-50BC/SM-50R/SM-50TQ/SM-50BL/SM-50BK Stand Mixers,Black

 in stock
2 used from $37.98
Free shipping
as of March 31, 2024 6:18 pm


  • 【Multi-Purpose Juicer Attachment】This juicer attachment fits all KitchenAid stand mixer and Cuisinart stand mixer SM-50 series(such as:SM-50BC/SM-50R/SM-50TQ/SM-50BL/SM-50BK).Extract various vegetables and fruits, such as celery, wheatgrass, carrot, apples, oranges, etc.
  • 【Convenient & Creative】Powered by your Stand Mixer.Simply attach the Juicer Machines Attachment to the power hub of any KitchenAid or Cuisinart SM-50 series stand mixer. Then let the mixer do all the work. This juicer attachment is a slow masticating juicer which first slices then processes.
  • 【Juice & Pulp Separation Function】Perfectly separates the pomace from the juice, and extracts the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables into juice. Enjoy the pleasure of less pulp,ensure you taste the purest juice.Important Note:The pomace cup needs to be padded higher by something to gather the pomace well when using the juicer attachment.
  • 【Health & Fresh】This slow juicer attachment is a higher juice yield compared to centrifugal juicers by the auger squeezing and reverse function, 90% juicer yield.Suitable for various sizes of soft, hard or leafy fruits and vegetables.The best gift for KitchenAid/ Cuisinart mixers' Fans.
  • 【Easy to Clean & Use】The slow juicer change the centrifugal juicer hard-to-clean problem, time to say goodbye to time-consuming and laborious! all parts are detachable,you can achieve convenient and fast flushing.

Masticating Juicer Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixers, Slow Juicer, White (Machine/Mixer Not Included)

 in stock
as of March 31, 2024 6:18 pm


  • [Ideal Juicer Attachment for KA All Models' Stand Mixers] With our masticating juicer attachment, you can upgrade your mixer to become a juicer machine. It helps you separate the pomace from the juice easliy, and extracts the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables into juice. Please note: Due to the product version update, we have added a silicone tube to improve the juicing process. It will not be equipped with two plastic cups, because their height does not meet the needs of juicing.
  • [Less Oxidation, More Nutrition] The upgraded spiral system - 7 segment spirals open up each cell for maximum juice yield.No need to add water like other juicer.No no need to filter the pomace manually. From now on, enjoy the pleasure of pure juice. The juice retains its original taste and flavor. Enjoy the pleasure of less pulp, enjoy a more healthy life.
  • [Convenient & Creative] Easy to assemble or disassemble in 1 minute. Simply attach the Masticating Juicer Attachment to the power hub of any KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Then put the Cut fruits and vegetables into the food feed tube, mixer will do all the work.
  • [Easy Cleaning & Safe] Package includes a detailed instruction. Not Dishwasher Safe. Only Hand Wash. The equipped brush can help you achieve quick cleaning in a few minutes. The juicer attachment doesn't contain any sharp blades, which ensures safe operation for your elders and kids.
  • [Ideal Gift & Healthy Life Partner] The Best Gift for KitchenAid mixers' fans. Fits All Models' Stand Mixers. (Not created by KitchenAid Brand) The exquisite packaging and powerful juice extraction function make your mother, wife, elders, and friends full of surprises and love. Embrace a healthy life, just start with a glass of juice exclusively for you.

Masticating Juicer Attachment for KitchenAid All Models Stand Mixers, Ladavi High Juice Yield for Vegetables and Fruits, Black (Not Included Machine/Mixer)

 in stock
as of March 31, 2024 6:18 pm


  • 【Suitable For All KitchenAid Attachments】Suitable for All KitchenAid Attachments or Cuisinart SM-50 series stand mixer. Then let the blender do all the work. This juicer attachment is a slow masticating juicer that slices first and then processes.
  • 【Juice pomace separation function, healthy and fresh】The juicer perfectly separates pomace and juice, squeezing the nutrients from fruits and vegetables into juice. This slow juicer attachment delivers higher juice rate compared with centrifugal juicer by screw extrusion and reverse function, the juice extraction rate is up to 90%, suitable for soft, hard or leafy fruits and vegetables of all sizes.
  • 【Easy to clean and use】 All parts of the juicer are removable, not dishwasher safe, hand wash only, which allows for easy and quick rinsing. With the juicer fully disassembled, rinsing with water is sufficient for most cleaning tasks, then use the included brush to clean the small parts for a few minutes of quick cleaning. ( Note: For a better experience, fruits need to be cut and peeled.)
  • 【Juicer Attachment, Wide Use】Our juicer attachment is suitable for all KitchenAid stand mixers and Cuisinart stand mixer SM-50 series ( SM-50BC/SM-50R/SM-50TQ/SM-50BL/SM-50BK) to juice a variety of vegetables and fruits, such as celery, wheatgrass, carrots, apples, oranges, grapes and more. (Machine and cup not included).
  • 【100% Guarantee】 ; If you are not satisfied with the item, please contact us, we will help you to solve the problem. Give you a satisfactory answer.
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NutriBullet Juicer Centrifugal Juicer Machine for Fruit, Vegetables, and Food Prep, 27 Ounces/1.5 Liters, 800 Watts, Gray NBJ50100

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10 new from $79.95
2 used from $76.79
Free shipping
as of March 31, 2024 6:18 pm


  • Who said juicing was complicated. The NutriBullet Juicer is designed for efficiency and convenience, so you can enjoy fresh, homemade juice every day.
  • Dual speeds gives you full control over the softest or hardest fruits and veggies, so you can get the most out of your produce. A no-drip spout ensures you don’t miss a drop.
  • The 27 oz. sealing juice pitcher allows you to juice and store fresh juice for up to 48 hours for make-ahead, grab-and-go convenience.
  • A 3” feed chute accommodates whole fruits and vegetables, so you can juice quickly – no slicing or dicing required.
  • Lift off our self-contained pulp basin and bring it right to your sink. The sieve, pulp basin and juice pitcher are all dishwasher-safe.

Masticating Juicer Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixer, Masticating Juicer, Slow Juicer Attachment for KitchenAid All Models Stand Mixers for Vegestables and Fruits By Hozodo

 in stock
as of March 31, 2024 6:18 pm


  • 【Juicer Attachment for Kitchenaid All Models' Stand Mixers】: This expertly-engineered juicing attachment for Kitchenaid stand mixers generates a positive-pressure auger effect, ensuring seamless and obstruction-free juicing. Its standout feature is the dual-feed system, unique to this model, which enables simultaneous extraction of both vegetable and fruit juices. The enlarged twin inlets have been designed with a secure Y-configuration, allowing for effortless processing of large fruits and vegetables.
  • 【Advanced Juice & Pulp Separation】: Unlike centrifugal juicers, this citrus/vegetable juicer attachment for stand mixer enhances yield by using an efficient auger squeezing process coupled with a reverse function. This effectively reduces foaming, prevents clogging, and optimizes juice production, achieving up to 90% extraction efficiency. It meticulously separates pulp from the juice, extracting the full nutrient content of fruits and vegetables.
  • 【Reduced Oxidation, Enhanced Nutrition】: With seven precision-designed spiral segments, this attachment maximizes cell exposure to extract maximum juice content. Juicer for kitchenAid stand mixer upgraded dual feeding ports ensure rapid yet gentle juice extraction. The juice produced maintains its natural taste and aroma, offering a less pulpy, healthier experience as the low oxidation process preserves nutrients.
  • 【Pure Cold Press Technology for Maximum Nutrient Retention】: For KitchenAid mixer accessory utilizes cold press technology, which is known to be one of the most effective methods to easily access enzymes and antioxidants vital for boosting immunity and overall health. With cold press juicing, your body can immediately absorb these nutrients without breaking down food particles, providing a burst of fresh, invigorating energy right from the first sip.
  • 【Easy Cleaning and Safe Usage】: Hand-washing is recommended. The detachable mixer juicer attachment for kitchenAid is simple to remove and clean within seconds, coming equipped with a cleaning brush. For optimal operation, kindly note that it's suggested to position the measuring cup raised during use to prevent fruit debris from entering the juice container.


  • Versatile Compatibility: Transform your KitchenAid Mixer into a professional-grade juicing machine with our premium masticating juicer attachment for kitchenaid, compatible with all KitchenAid Stand Mixer models. Effortlessly extract nutrient-packed juice from various fruits and vegetables, revolutionizing your daily health routine.
  • Preserving Freshness & Nutrition: For kitchenaid juicer attachment, Innomoon cutting-edge spiral system minimizes oxidation, ensuring maximum juice yield while retaining the natural flavors and essential nutrients. Masticating juicer machines say goodbye to pulp and hello to a refreshing, nutrient-rich glass of juice.
  • User-Friendly & Safe Operation: Enjoy hassle-free assembly and disassembly within minutes. Masticating juicer attachment for kitchenaid all components are easily hand washable, guaranteeing a quick cleanup. The bladeless design ensures safe operation, allowing users of all ages to participate in the juicing process.
  • Design & Efficiency: The masticating juicer attachment for kitchenaid boasts a dual-feed chute design, featuring two different sizes of openings - 1.5 inches and 2 inches. With kitchenaid juicer attachment effortlessly handles a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Whether its delicate berries or sturdy root vegetables, expect consistent and efficient juice extraction.
  • Exquisite Gift for Mixer Enthusiasts: Not an official KitchenAid product, but crafted with the same precision and dedication. The masticating juicer attachment for kitchenaid makes for an ideal gift choice for health-conscious individuals seeking the joy of homemade, nutritious juices. Support one year after-sales service.

Immersion in the Juicing Culture

Prior to diving right into juicer types and functions, it’s crucial to involve yourself in the society of juicing. It’s not simply a morning routine; it’s an embodiment of healthy living, an event of dynamic preferences, and an opportunity to reconnect with nature’s bounty. When you come close to the juicer market with this way of thinking, picking comes to be more than a chore; it’s an experience.

Centrifugal Clarity vs. Chomping Mastery

Centrifugal juicers, the rate demons of the juicing world, shatter fruits and vegetables with high-speed blades. Their allure lies in speedy operation and easy cleaning, excellent for the active however health-conscious professional. On the various other hand, chomping juicers, or cold-press juicers, utilize a slower work that maintains nutrients and enzymes. These are for the perfectionists, those that value the juice’s nutritional web content as high as the juicing process itself.
When making the choice, consider the appearance and volume you like. Centrifugal juicers have a tendency to generate a much more watery juice with much less pulp, while masticating juicers produce a denser, creamier juice. It’s not almost health and wellness– it has to do with taste and texture as well.

High-Speed Hype vs. Low-Heat Love

Juicing at high speeds generates heat, which can oxidize the nutrients in your juice, albeit minimally. Low-speed juicers may take longer, yet they supply a tranquility that equates to a cooler juice and a much more nutrient-rich glass. It’s about perseverance, or rather, the reflective aspect of awaiting your health potion to arise, undisturbed by the thrill of day-to-day live.
As someone that believes in the synergy of approach and result, a low-heat, low-speed juicer won me over not simply for its promised health advantages, but for the ritual it includes in my morning routine. I liken the choice to picking a teapot; the slow-moving procedure of soaking enhances the flavours that quick home heating can’t reproduce.

Verdict: The Juicer That Fits Your Life

The style of my juicer trip isn’t regarding which type of juicer is fairly better; it has to do with discovering the one that fits your way of life. If you value speed and comfort most of all else, a centrifugal juicer might be your best choice. For those who see juicing as part of a holistic way of living that has to do with more than just the juice, a masticating juicer is the all-natural selection.
So, as you shop for your juicing buddy, don’t simply consider the technological requirements; imagine the duty your juicer will play in your life. Nevertheless, finding the excellent juicer resembles finding the ideal jogging course– it must revitalize you, not add to the listing of points you need to rush with. Embrace the process, and allow the best juicer improve your juicing journey.

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