Whiskey Figurine Decanters

In the world of fine spirits, one’s persistence on the finest glass wares is commonly as zealous as the choice of the elixir within. To the launched, a whiskey decanter is more than a simple vessel; it’s a declaration of intent, a symbol of refinement in a world oft besotted with the mundane. Yet when staring upon the dizzying range of decanters that flash from the shelves, it’s not easy to recognize the truly emotional from the just over the top.
The tapestry of bourbon decanters is woven with an abundant history. Initially created to preserve and present the finest spirits, decanters were as much a component of the whiskey society as the revered liquid itself. Today, their duty reaches the ritualistic pouring and as an art piece showed with satisfaction. But as long as they have to do with tradition, decanters need to additionally reflect the contemporary drinker’s needs for performance and design that transcends time.

Whiskey Figurine Decanters – Complete Testimonial As Well As Purchasing Overview

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Animal Decanters Large 35-Oz Roaring Tiger Glass Figurine, Mouthblown Liquor Decanter For Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch, Rum, Tequila

$69.99  in stock
as of March 1, 2024 12:27 pm


  • Dimensions: 14"L x 7.5"H; Volume: 35 Oz
  • Carefully crafted glass decanter with colored glass accents, mouth-blown by skilled glass artisans.
  • Amazing gift for halloween, wedding, christmas, housewarming and many other occasions, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.
  • Glass tail stopper with rubber seal ensures that the flavor of your best alcohol drink is preserved and will not evaporate.
  • Unique - Impress your friends with details like stripes down the side of the body and detailed head and fangs

Fighter Jet Wine & Whiskey Decanter Set F16, F15, F18, F22 with 3 Glasses by The Wine Savant - Bourbon, Scotch, Vodka, Pilot, Aviation Gifts, Airplane Figurine, Military Veteran Gifts, Airplane Gifts

$79.99  in stock
2 new from $79.99
Free shipping
as of March 1, 2024 12:27 pm


  • For the fighter jet fan who loves his whiskey! All-in-one functional decanter set. The F16 Whiskey Decanter Set includes a made in America F16 Fighter Jet shaped borosilicate decanter and four Fighter Jet Whiskey Glasses. This F16 decanter set is perfect for the jetsetter in you. Welcome to the world of flying. This whiskey sampler set is all you need to get in the right mood for a tasty glass of your favorite spirit.
  • This F16 Fighter Jet Decanter and 4 Fighter Jet Whiskey Glasses set is a must for all pilots and fighter jet fans. The Fighter Jet Decanter is a 850 ml decanter made from 100% lead free borosilicate, complete with an elegant F16 wooden base. The Fighter Jet Decanter also has a sleek polished finish, so it's definitely not just a novelty item. The 12 oz glasses included in this set are also crafted from borosilicate and have each been engraved with the F16.
  • The F16 Decanter Set with 4 Glasses brings attention to one of America's most prestigious fighter jets, and connects it with the world of whiskey (or bourbon) drinkers. Any man who loves whiskey and cares about American history would love this incredible set of masterpiece whiskey decanters and glasses.
  • Experience a flight of decanters with this superb set! This set is crafted from the highest quality glass, comes in an elegant gift box, includes four unique Fighter-Jet Whiskey Glasses so you can enjoy each serving in style Whether you are a veteran or new to the fine art of enjoying whiskey, this hand crafted decanter set is made for you! This F16 Whiskey Decanter Set by The Wine Savant is perfect for the mancave, or for a father or husband that is a combat aviation fan.
  • The Fighter Jet Decanter Set is the ultimate gift for any true gentlemen and aviation enthusiast. The Fighter Jet Glasses add a special touch of class to this beautiful set. Each decanter and glass is made with museum quality precision and care. The Fighter Jet Whiskey Decanter Set is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite whiskey in a unique way.
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Firetruck Whiskey Decanter with Two 12 oz Glasses Gift Firefighter Gifts, Fireman, Fireman Figurine, Police Gifts, Fire Department Gifts, Gift for Firefighters ! 600ml 13" L 6" H Gifts for Dad

$99.95  in stock
2 new from $99.95
1 used from $69.95
Free shipping
as of March 1, 2024 12:27 pm


  • From the tip of the ladder to the wheels of the truck, The Wine Savant is proud to present the firetruck decanter set. Inspired by one of the oldest and bravest professions in our country. Crafted from borosilicate, this decanters feature a flat-bottom design and comes with 2 12 oz fire department glasses! Add a dash of firehouse style to your bar with this glass whiskey decanter set, beautifully handcrafted by The Wine Savant to depict a retired, vintage Firetruck pumper truck.
  • Fill and serve with confidence, with the Firetruck Whiskey Decanter Set. This handsome decanter is a fun and personalized way to enjoy your favorite whiskey, bourbon or scotch.This thoughtful gift will be cherished by any firefighter or fire fighter enthusiast! Measures 13" in length, 12" in width, 6" in height and holds 600 ml of your favorite liquor!
  • Add a unique touch to your whiskey drinking experience with this Firetruck Whiskey Decanter Set. Each set includes 2 etched fire department whiskey glasses and a decanter that is shaped like a barrel, perfect for making a statement on the cabinet or in the man cave. Each glass is etched with a firetruck department logo on it. Delight your Firefighter friend with this perfect decanter and 2 glasses!
  • For any function where a festive mood is key-whether it's to attend a dinner, dinner party or cocktail party-this Firetruck Whiskey Decanter Set by The Wine Savant is the perfect accessory. A fun, modern and sturdy design brings a great piece of practicality to you today. The perfect addition to any firefighter's home bar that will make toasting evermore special! An elegant way to help you celebrate a special occasion or just to enjoy the casual drink with friends and family.
  • You'll feel like you're at the Fire station! Perfect for the fireman and firewoman in your life these are a unique way of serving whiskey. They make a great gift for the home or office to display. The centerpiece is a hand-blown glass sculpture of a classic red fire truck, and is the ideal way to display your favorite spirit.

Animal Decanters Large 35-Oz Horse Derby Glass Figurine, Mouthblown Liquor Decanter For Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch, Rum, Tequila

$69.99  in stock
as of March 1, 2024 12:27 pm


  • Dimensions: 14"L x 10"H; Volume: 35 Oz
  • Carefully crafted glass decanter with colored glass accents, mouth-blown by skilled glass artisans in Turkey.
  • Amazing gift for halloween, wedding, christmas, housewarming and many other occasions, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.
  • Glass stopper with rubber seal ensures that the flavor of your best alcohol drink is preserved and will not evaporate.
  • Made in Turkey


  • A must have for every trucker, construction worker or even just for casual collectors! The wooden body is accented with intricate details, and encases a hand-blown glass whiskey decanter in a barrel shape that holds a full 1000ml ounces of your favorite spirit. Carry this gorgeous wooden truck, made with European styling, around your home and dispense whiskey into your glass. The barrel-shaped decanter adds instant class to any whiskey connoisseur's home bar.
  • We live in a time where your taste in whiskey is as important as your taste in the vessels that hold it, and the Truck Whiskey Decanter makes sure you can have both. The Truck Whiskey Decanter pays tribute to the American trucker and features a barrel-shaped glass decanter. This piece is sure to add character to your favorite bottle of whiskey, bourbon or scotch, as well as make an interesting conversation piece on the bar or coffee table.
  • The Truck Whiskey Decanter is your ticket to a truly unique drinking experience. You'll have the coolest home bar in town with this unique decanter perched right atop your favorite table. Handcrafted of the finest hard woods, it features a solid mahogany truck cab that supports the barrel. This functional work of art is sure to make every drink a special occasion.
  • Made of solid mahogany and featuring a classic, old-time truck silhouette, this whiskey decanter will put some fun back into your drinking routine while also increasing your favorite liquor's shelf life with its air tight seal. And don't worry about spills or messes, this truck is designed to hold up under pressure. Measuring at 18" in length and approximately 6" in height and holds 1000ml of your favorite spirit. You are the driver of life, and this truck's for you!
  • For the budding trucker or truck driver in your life, our Truck whiskey decanter will wow them with its vintage design. Featuring the old school trucker form from the early days of country roads and long hauls, this decanter is exactly what any old-fashioned trucker needs to pour themselves a drink. Fill up their barrel with your favorite bourbon, rye, or scotch to make them feel more at home!

Helicopter Wine & Whiskey Decanter Black Hawk Chopper 8" x 16" The Wine Savant - Heli Gifts for Men - Glass Helicopter Figurine Gift, Bourbon and Scotch Decanter - Military Veteran Gifts - 750ml

$69.95  in stock
as of March 1, 2024 12:27 pm


  • A beautifully detailed Helicopter decanter for your home bar! Showcase your admiration for the military and it's fearless choppers with this elegant helicopter decanter. The decanter features an original decanter body with the blades as a stopper. This helicopter decanter is a daring hallmark of our patriotic glass collection. Mouth-blown and hand-cut borosilicate from master glass blowers.
  • Each fabulous piece of borosilicate barware from The Wine Savant is mouthblown before being embellished with a variety of cuts by hand. Each drinking experience, whether it's a celebration, wedding anniversary or birthday is special. Make it unique with this beautiful helicopter decanter. This decanter will be perfect for any bar table, making a statement to your class and sophistication.
  • The helicopter decanter is precision handcrafted with rich details. It offers a refined, masculine, and stately dramatic appeal. Aerate your favorite vintages in the stunning clarity of borosilicate glass, mouth blown by artisans and cut with elegantly tapered facets for a stunning display of a war machine. Decanter measures 8" in height and 16" in length and holds up to 750ml of your favorite spirits.
  • There's regular whiskey decanters, then there's the handblown black hawk chopper decanter, exclusively from the Wine Savant. Showcase your army strong lifestyle and military family heritage with this stunning tribute to soldiers from all over the world, from active-duty service members to decorated veterans.
  • A great gift for former and active-duty military and law enforcement as well as sport shooters, range members, and general gun and military enthusiasts. Surprise the gun or army enthusiast in your life this upcoming Christmas, Valentine's Day, Veteran's Day, Father's Day or birthday with a gift they'll love.

Car Whiskey & Wine Decanter Set 500ml by The Wine Savant - Very Large 13" L - Ford Mustang Gifts, Ford Gifts, Wooden Car Figurine, Fastback Maisto Mustang Shelby Car Limited Edition, Great Bar Gift!

$74.99  in stock
as of March 1, 2024 12:27 pm


  • The Wine Savant Mustang Car Decanter Set is stylish and innovative. The design has created a one of a kind decanter that can be displayed elegantly, allowing for effortless pouring. The Mustang Car Decanter Set is a great way to serve your favorite wines, spirits and liqueurs. This unique decanter features exquisite Mustang car decals, ready for you and your friends to enjoy. Enjoy the classic design and handsome appeal of the 500ml Mustang Car Decanter Set.
  • Stash your wine or liquor in one of these Mustang Car decanters. With a mahogany wood design, it is perfect for wine and spirits lovers everywhere. The perfect way to display your passion for American Muscle cars with this Mustang car decanter set. This set is an ode to the classic Mustang and will add an element of style and class to any gathering. An eloquent way to serve your favorite wine or spirits that will surely impress and be a conversation starter!
  • Decant your wine in style with this set of two Mustang car decanters. Each decanter is handcrafted to resemble a vintage 1965 Mustang. The Wine Savant's unique designs make it fun to open a bottle and turn ordinary events into extraordinary memories. Celebrate your passion for Mustangs and your love of wine with this set y The Wine Savant. The unique shape and design of these car shaped decanter and wooden holder set make them perfect for displaying out of reach or on the bar.
  • Lift a toast with the world's first Mustang Car Decanter Set. This wine decanter set is the perfect combination for collecting, gifting and serving. The Mustang Car Decanter Set is a great way to celebrate the classic car that started it all. This decanter is able to hold around 500ml of wine and features a drip-free pouring spout. The set also comes in a gift ready classy Wine Savant Box. This Decanter Set is a fun gift for a wine enthusiast or someone who loves to entertain.
  • This beautiful wine car decanter set is a great way to start the night off just right. The decanter is made from high quality lead-free crystal and shaped like a classic Mustang car. Perfect for those who want to make their wine experience complete. The car's silhouette is emphasized in the glass design, while mouth blown details enhance the overall appearance. The perfect gift for car enthusiasts, mustang enthusiasts, wine connoisseurs & those who want to enhance the bouquet of their vintages.
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Aesthetic appeals with Purpose

The attraction of an elegant whiskey decanter is obvious, yet aesthetics alone need to not dictate the choice. The crystal clarity or subtle color of the glass, the intricate detailing of the stopper, the sensual contours of the vessel– each aspect figures in in weaving a tale of indulgence. Do not be persuaded by bold styles that scream over the whispers of the whiskey itself. Look for balance; a decanter’s style need to match the ambrosial shade and appearance within, not outweigh it.

The Glass You’ll Elevate

High quality is critical when it involves decanter glass. Choose lead-free crystal for its remarkable clarity and shimmer, as well as its thinness, which allows for a cleaner and a lot more elegant discussion. Crystal, while a lot more delicate, reverberates with a charming chime when tapped, welcoming the pourer to start the symphony of the put with a nod to the craftsmanship that entered into the decanter.

Stoppers and Seals

The stability of the spirit goes to the grace of the stopper. Cork is a traditional selection– its capacity to breathe will improve the scotch’s character gradually in small amounts, though it’s vital to ensure the cork is of a top quality and properly seated. There are elegant, useful contemporary alternatives also, from glass to steel, each with their own visual and preservation residential or commercial properties which need to be taken into consideration depending upon how quickly you intend to empty the decanter.

Dimension and Space

Think about the size of the decanter, not only in terms of its capability but likewise in the room it will certainly occupy on your cabinet or bar cart. It should be considerable sufficient to match the gravity of the event but not so big as to render its materials impractical for day-to-day satisfaction.
In the long run, the choice of a whiskey decanter is deeply individual. It’s a choice reflective of your profound relationship with the spirit and the ritual that accompanies it. Let it be a testimony to the story you desire to inform, whether that be among style, conviviality, or just a love for the craft. With treatment and factor to consider, the decanter you select will come to be not simply an accessory but an ally, enriching your whiskey experience with each adoringly poured dram.

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